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NC962VII - Solitude is a map appearing in Unreal II: The Awakening .

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You'll now find yourself in a very large, circular room with a walkway running all the way around, 2 transparent ramps heading down to ground level, columns heading from the elevated edges up to the ceiling, and the artifact at the other side of the room, radiating energy from inside a crystalline chamber. A huge hole opens in the floor in the center of the room, through which a gargantuan Drakk creature rises up to "greet" you. Prepare yourself for one of the 2 most difficult battles in the game.

On the ground level, underneath the elevated rim, there is a huge wealth of powerups. The powerups are in many different places, but there's good cover while you're going from place to place. The problem with repeatedly going down for health or energy, though, is that on the way back up a ramp you're a sitting duck. Try to only take one visit down, when you're in severe need for health, energy and ammo. And definitely don't go down using a ramp... either start using a ramp and drop down the hole towards the top of each one or jump off the edge of the second floor. After a long and difficult battle, you'll eventually destroy the bottom section of the Drakk Hive Queen. It will explode, sending out a spherical wave of energy that passes through the entire room. Now go and pick up your hard-earned final artifact![1]

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