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"Na Koja Abad is a world with a bizarre alien biosphere perpetually fogged in by clouds of hydrogen sulfide. It was originally settled by nomads of Arab origin who named it for the spiritual realm their mystics called the "Land of Nowhere." The settlers never found the ancient alien structure only fifty clicks away. They soon left the planet, weary of always wearing environment suits, never seeing a clear day, and having everything they owned constantly corroded by acid rain. During a routine prospecting mission three years ago, a team of Izanagi geologists discovered the structure. They set up a research base next to the site and manned it with a rotating crew of scientists and a complement of Ghost Warrior mercenaries."

Na Koja Abad is a planet found in Unreal II: The Awakening.

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Na Koja Abad is a strange, inhospitable world where the stars can never be seen and the atmosphere is actively hostile to nearly all life. The planet is forever rotating between twilight and darkness, always shrouded in thick clouds of hydrogen sulfide. At some well before the invention of long-distance space travel by humans, the planet was visited by an unknown alien race that built a massive structure on the planet. At some point after construction was complete, the aliens left and the structure lay abandoned, surviving countless years under Na Koja Abad's endless acid rain.

The first human settlers to the world gave the planet its name, but left soon after, having found nothing of value on the unpleasant world. The Izanagi geologists who visited next found the alien structure and the company has set up shop there to study it. The thick fog that extends down to ground level means that the defending Ghost Warrior garrison cannot see very far beyond their perimeter, but intruders who do not already know where their base and camps are will probably never find them. Na Koja Abad does feature some plant life that can endure the minimal sunlight and constant acid rain, but has no advanced native life of its own and, given its unwelcoming climate, it is unlikely to ever produce any.

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  • Unreal II: The Awakening

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  • Na Koja Abad actually takes its name from Persian, not Arabic; the word signifies the city, the country or land (abad) of No-where (Na-koja). The settlers may have deemed the name appropriate because the planet is an empty, inhospitable place that (at the time) featured nothing of significance and had no reason for anyone to ever go there.
  • Na Koja Abad appears in both the campaign and multiplayer of Unreal II: The Awakening.

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