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"This native plant has natural healing properties. When eaten, it can give you a 29-unit health boost. In multiplayer games, Nali Healing Fruits re-grow soon after they are picked."
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The Nali Healing Fruit is a healing item in Unreal and Unreal Mission Pack: Return to Na Pali.

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The fruit has amazing healing qualities, even better than the amount of health that is given by a Health Pack. It varies on the exact amount it heals, from 27-29 health. If the plant is not fully grown, it will heal even less, thus patient players are rewarded by receiving a larger boost in health. The Nali Healing Fruit can be identified as being fully grown when there are three berries on the plant and they are all of equal size.

Nali Healing Fruits can be found on the surface of Na Pali or grown elsewhere by the use of Seeds. At the left side of the exit of the Dark Arena, one can see the germination process of a Nali Healing Fruit.

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  • The Nali Fruit has a strong resemblance to Tabernanthe iboga; an african plant with psychedelic properties.

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