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"The Skaarj training regimen comes to the tournament. To win, massacre the peaceful Nali faster than your opponents."
UC2 manual

Nali Slaughter is a gametype found in Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict.

Overview Edit

The goal of Nali Slaughter is to kill as many computer-controlled Nali as possible.

Nali Slaughter is a sport originally invented by the Skaarj. Captured Nali are dressed in simple, white shorts, remain unarmed, and are then let loose in a Deathmatch arena where Tournament competitors should try and kill as many Nali as possible before the time runs out. It is allowed, even encouraged, to kill the competition as well. Players have to wait five seconds, before they can respawn and only melee weapons are allowed in this gametype.

Along with Overdose, Nali Slaughter is the most recently added gametype in the Unreal storyline. It has only featured in the 523rd Nakhti Ascension Rites, a qualifying tournament for the Liandri Grand Tournament.

Scoring Edit

There are different types of Nali resulting different scores when killed:

  • Regular Nali try to run away from the fighters, but are nonetheless easily killed. They are worth one point.
  • Invisible Nali aren't actually completely invisible, but much harder to see, making them worth three points. They drop the Invisibility power up, if the Looting mutator is active.
  • Speed Nali are equipped with the Speed adrenaline ability and worth three points as well.
  • Kamikaze Nali are equipped with the Self Destruct ability and are glowing in a sparkling light. They can run faster, and will actually run towards competitors trying to blow them up. A countdown can be heard during that. They are worth five points, but rare and when they are spawning, the original respawn sound from Unreal can be heard in the entire arena.
  • Killing another competitor is worth one point.

Maplists Edit

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Tips and tricks Edit

  • Because this is a melee only gametype, heavy characters with their strong melee weapons are recommended. Just walk through the map while constantly using the primary fire mode.
  • Don't chase after Nali, let them run into you.
  • Don't waste precious time on fighting other competitors.
  • Take a good look at elevators, a lot of (invisible) Nali get stuck there.

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