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The subject of this article appeared in Unreal Tournament.

"When the militant Nali were driven from their homeworld they brought the only domesticated beast they knew of- their local livestock. By using Pavlovian techniques and heavy cerebral modification they are training their cattle to fight instead of graze."
UT Bonus Pack 1 Readme

Nali WarCow is a character in Unreal Tournament.


Nali WarCows are Nali Cows that were cybernetically augmented by both Pavlovian techniques and heavy cerebral modification by a militant branch of the Nali around 2293 (UT Bonus Pack 1). There are two varieties: the Atomic Cow and the War Cow.

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  • They don't make an appearance in either the regular or GOTY ladder, and can only be selected as playable characters for Practice Session botmatches or multiplayer.
  • According to lead animator James Green, the Nali WarCow was born from a joke, he added the pack on top of the Nali Cow just for the fun of it, and the rest of the development team liked it.
"I also added the big pack to the Warcow, just for fun at first...everyone thought it was a blast, so we kept it."
James Green[1]


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