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"When you return to your ship, you'll have a new pilot. He's a Hex-Core alien named Ne'Ban. We got him in an officer exchange program. He's some kind of muckety-muck on his home planet and the brass want him kept out of harm's way. You've got the quietest patrol, so you're it."
- Sector Commander Hawkins

Ne'Ban is a character in Unreal II: The Awakening.

Bio Edit

"Ne'Ban is the middle son of a Hex-Core Potentate. They thought they were parking him out in the boonies, but now they're afraid his royal hiney is gonna get hurt."
- Aida

Ne'Ban is a Hex-Core prince and pilot of the TCA Atlantis during the time of Unreal II: The Awakening. He's on loan to the TCA through a personnel exchange program.

His personality is innocent and somewhat naive, and his command of the English language is rather imperfect, causing him to be something of the game's comic relief. He speaks 500 different languages, but is uncomfortable speaking English.

After participating in an officer exchange program the TCA were sent Ne'Ban. Because of his status on his home planet, the TCA chose to station him on the Atlantis, it being being the quietest patrol available. Because of his sheltered upbringing he has been shielded from life and danger and therefore not allowed to participate or accomplish anything of significance.

Once Atlantis's mission becomes dangerous Sector Commander Hawkins wants Ne'Ban to return to safety, but he prefers to stay on board after having led a sheltered life until then.

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Ne'Ban: "Hello Marshal, Sir. I am saluting you. It is many pleasures to be buttling with you aboard this fine ship."
John: "Buttling?"
Ne'Ban: "Buttling. Waiting upon. No -- Serving! I am seeing many pleasures *serving* with you. And I am saluting you again."
John: "No need to salute, Ne'Ban. It's an informal ship. Why don't you settle in here and I'll catch up with you later."
Ne'Ban: "Aye-aye-aye, Sir. Settling in is now my top priorities."
John: "Great piece of flying back there."
Ne'Ban: "It is a pleasure to serving."
John: "Docking with the marine ship looked tricky, too."
Ne'Ban: "A maneuver I have practicing many times. It was an honor to re-unite those men with their fighting unit."
--Between Marsh and Hell - Route 1
John: "Do you have a course plotted?"
Ne'Ban: "Yes. A place called Hell. At least, Aida told me to go to Hell, so that is my plan."
--Between Marsh and Hell - Route 2
Ne'Ban: "Telling me: Is this Aida the same Aida who won the battle of Taiko and brought victory in the Strider Wars?"
John: "Why do you ask?"
Ne'Ban: "She is very famous among my people."
--Between Marsh and Hell - Aida Route 1
Ne'Ban: "Telling me: Is this Aida the same Aida who won the battle of Taiko and brought victory in the Strider Wars?"
John: "Although she doesn't like to be reminded of it."
Ne'Ban: "She must have been very young, in human years."
John: "She was."
Ne'Ban: "Why is she not a general in your army?"
John: "She has a little problem with authority. But don't worry - she's working on it."
--Between Marsh and Hell - Aida Route 2
Ne'Ban: "I am very confusing."
John: "What are you confused about?"
Ne'Ban: "All these corporations, mercenary forces, alien races. I am mixing them over."
John: "Can't tell the players without a program, eh? OK, let me give you some quick background on each of ‘em."
--Between Hell and Acheron
Ne'Ban: "The seagoat has damaged our inertial control systems. We are forced to land on the planet Kalydon for repairs. It has a breathable atmosphere, not much water, and a limited biosphere."
Ne'Ban: "Oh dears! To be continuation: Military Outpost Kilo Five Seven serves mostly as a repair and supply depot for ships cruising through this otherwise uninhabited part of space."
Ne'Ban: "Cow patties! We will set down behind a shield wall, but the Liandri Angel mercs will soon know we are there and they are sure to attack us."
Ne'Ban: "Intercourse! It will be up to you to hold them off long enough for Isaak to fix the ship. He is waiting for you now in the Weapons bay."
--Between Waterfront and Obolus
Ne'Ban: "Marshal. You cannot letting them do this to me!"
John: "Take it slow, Ne'Ban. Easy!"
Ne'Ban: "You cannot knowing what it is like. Always guarded. Always shielded. Not allowed to taking a chance. Not allowed to live. I am one of fifty princes, not even in line for throne. So...I getting away. I want to matter. I want putting myself to a good cause. YOU are a good cause, Marshal."
John: "You're a great pilot, Ne'Ban. The best I've ever seen. Just get back to work and try not to worry. I'll see what I can do."
--Between Sulferon and Na Koja Abad
John: "Nice work back there, Ne'Ban."
Ne'Ban: "Will you need a pilot when you are in the marines?"
John: "I'll put in a good word for you."
--Between the Drakk homeplanet and Avalon

Busy quotes Edit

Ne'Ban: "Sorry, captain. I am occupied territory. Perhaps some other time."
Ne'Ban: "Flying now. Perhaps talking later."
Ne'Ban: "Many pardons, but could we talk later?"
Ne'Ban: "Old Hex-Core saying: "Talk to pilot, go splat.""
Ne'Ban: "So sorry, but this is not a good time."
Ne'Ban: "Dodging asteroids takes much concentration."
Ne'Ban: "Excusing me kindly, but not now."
Ne'Ban: "I am flying. And time is flying. Your language is most curious."
Ne'Ban: "Have your people call my people. We'll be lunch."
Ne'Ban: "Stars are pretty. Hitting them is not."

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