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The New Earth Government or NEG is the currently reigning government of Earth.

Overview Edit

The NEG was formed in 2215 by Earth and the United Aligned Worlds, or UAW, near the end of the Human-Skaarj War to restore order on Earth by controlling skirmishes between the major corporations such as the Liandri, the Phayder, Axon, and Izanagi, so Earth could form a unified front against the Skaarj.

It is likely the Terran Colonial Authority is an NEG offshoot.

Involvement in the games Edit

Unreal Tournament Edit

In 2291 the NEG legalizes "consensual murder", which allows a previously underground event, the "Tournament" to go mainstream. Sponsored by the Liandri these tournaments became known as the Liandri Grand Tournament. NEG's Thunder Crash force also enters the Tournament, and in 2291 one of its members, Malcolm, becomes champion, and stays that way until he is defeated in 2302.

Unreal II: The Awakening Edit

The NEG Marines and the Terran Colonial Authority both represent the New Earth Government on the far edge of human-controlled space. Throughout the game, both forces attempt to assert NEG authority against the violent resistance of large and powerful private military companies and the Skaarj.

Unreal Tournament 2004 Edit

Several Assault maps are based on N.E.G.'s campaigns.

In 2216 NEG commandos managed to destroy the Skaarj mothership attacking Earth, causing the Skaarj to retreat, leaving many of Earth's cities in ruins. The attack is recreated in UT2004's AS-Mothership.

In 2219 the NEG attempts to assert its authority over these areas, but they are confronted by many rebel groups who are often covertly financed by the great corporations who established bases in the destroyed cities. An NEG attack on a rebel command centers is recreated in AS-FallenCity.

In 2260, during the Corporation Wars, NEG's Thunder Crash force assists in protecting Izanagi's research facility on Lamdon 3 which was however raided and destroyed by a strike force from the Axon. The attack is recreated in UT2004's AS-Glacier.

In 2276 the NEG military recovers "Nexus" prototype missiles stolen by Hellions which were being transported by a convoy on the surface of Taron. This missile type was later used in multiple incidents of colonial suppression. The attack is recreated in UT2004's AS-Convoy.

Other scenarios where the N.E.G. was involved were the raid on Liandri headquarters in order to retrieve confidential data (recreated in AS-BP2-SubRosa) and a frustrated attempt to stop anti-N.E.G. rebels from launching an unguided rocket into outer space (recreated in AS-BP2-Thrust).

Trivia Edit

  • It's possible that most of the original Assault maps (the exception would be AS-Glacier) were just N.E.G. propaganda, as they always paint the Government in a good light. With the Mega Pack this changes, as it includes at least one instance where the N.E.G. were the ones being attacked.

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