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Walkthrough Edit

You start in the emergency passageway. Flies are buzzing and alarms are sounding. You can also hear some sounds coming from outside such as crickets or Nali Birds screeching, you are close to being out of the ship! The floor in front of you is covered in blood in what looks like a trail of gore. Collect the two Flares straight ahead and then turn left. The door has already been knocked down, allowing you the ability to escape. At the end of the hall is a mangled leg. Turn left once you reach it, then right. Collect the Clip and then step into the world outside as the door has been knocked down, probably by the creature.

The music will start as you enter the world of Na Pali. A Nali Rabbit will pass by you and go up a rock to the side of the ship. Follow it to collect the Clip at the top of the rock. The area below is covered with rocks and palm trees, as well as some small plants. Three Nali Birds can be seen in the sky hovering over the patch of ground below.

Drop down to the ground below and follow the wall diagonally past the couple rocks. Eventually you will find a corpse to your left, start heading towards it[1]. Continue left and go around the crates to reach a house. Another body lies on the ground to the left of the entrance[2]. Collect the Automag and Clip beside his body, then enter the house. To the left is a metal crate that is impervious to your weaponry beside a table with two stools. Collect the two Flares on top of the table. The middle of the room contains a doused fireplace. The opposite side of the room from the crate holds an electric light. Beside the light is another body[3]. Collect the Flare beside the barrel that is to the left of the light. Jump on the bed that is between the barrel and fireplace to collect a Health Pack. Exit the house and return to the world outside.

Continue left from the house until you reach a pool of water past a rock. A Nali Bird is circling above the water. A swarm of Horseflies can be seen flying around this area. Jump into the water, but be careful as a school of ten Biterfish are swimming around. A great amount of seaweed is in this small pool. To your right is another electric lamp, perhaps the camp threw it over because it wasn't functioning correctly. A Clip sits a little in front of the broken lamp. To escape the pool of water simply climb onto the rock to the right. Follow the rock to return to the grassy surface of the planet. Return to the ruins of the Vortex Rikers, then travel around the ship by going to the right. Climb down into the trench caused by the crash of the prison ship. Beware of the drop off on the right side, you are at the top of a high cliff. A waterfall can be seen running water into a river below. A long piece of grass that runs beside the river can also be seen, but you are unable to get to it at this time. You can see three Nali Birds flying in the sky to the right. Another Nali Bird is flying halfway between your current section of land and the grassy patch below. Continue to the opposite side of the trench by traveling towards two small wooden rafters. Shoot the wooden box to the left of the rafters to collect the Health Pack inside. Climb the rafters to get to another grassy patch of land. Another Nali Bird patrols this section of land. It is possible to go left at this point to see the other side of the ship, but it is not necessary and does not give the player any items. Straight ahead and to the right is another corpse, however this one does not have a log. Instead, go around the rock and continue straight towards a mining bunker in the mountains. A Nali Healing Fruit can be collected on either side of the entrance.

Shoot the two wooden crates to the left to reveal a Clip and some Bandages. A corpse can be found on the wall across from the crates[4]. Shoot the body a couple of times to gib it and to reveal another Clip. The door beside the body is locked and the triangular shaped window does not reveal much about the interior of the room behind, so continue by going straight past the couple crates in the corridor. As you reach the second one a scream will ring through the corridor and a man will be thrown into a wall. The music will suddenly change from a calm tone to an action theme. Suddenly a Lesser Brute will come around the corner and shoot at you while gibbing the body. Back up to evade to rockets and then kill it. Another Lesser Brute will destroy the locked door you saw earlier in the base and attempt to attack you. Kill it as well before continuing, then go through the previously locked door. Go down the stairs and shoot the crates to the left at the bottom to reveal a Flare and Health Pack. Go down the stairs to the right and hit the button on the left wall at the bottom. An elevator will ascend from the lower floor, once it has reached your level step onto it, press the button inside, and wait for it to lower. Exit the elevator by a doorway to the left once you reach the lower floor. Follow the corridor to the left and straight to get to a small patch of land seperated from the rest by a large river in between. If you were to jump in the river you could return to your current floor by the use of a platform with an elevator to the right of the ramp you use to exit the mining bunker. However, there is are seven Biterfish nearby the platform, seven Biterfish further on near the waterfall, and twelve Biterfish at the opposite end of the river. To the left are three Nali Healing Fruits, while the right is pretty barren besides a few trees and a Nali Rabbit. Return to the elevator and follow the other path, turning right while going straight to continue towards the location below the cliffs. Kill the Lesser Brute guarding your exit to the world outside. As you kill it the music will return to a calm tempo. Exit the mining bunker by the use of the entrance that is now unguarded.

Collect the Nali Healing Fruit to the left of the exit, then continue to the next patch of land by the use of a rafter on the far right corner. A Nali Bird can be seen circling the trees to the left. Continue walking straight towards a house in the distance. A Nali Rabbit can be seen sitting in the shade of a large rock to your left. Continue past a couple more trees and another rock with a Nali Rabbit in the shade to reach the house. You will pass by the waterfall as well. Four Horseflies can be seen nearby the entrance just before you enter the building.

Shoot the vase to the left to reveal a Flashlight. A table with two stools is right in front of the vase. Use one of the stools to get onto the table, then shoot the pot on the table to reveal some Bandages. A book can be found to the right of the pot[5]. Jump from the table onto the mantle of the fireplace in the middle of the room to collect a Clip. The barrel on the opposite side of the room from the vase is empty. The inhabitant of the house can be found in front of the barrel, a Nali. He is deep in prayer over a corpse of a human lying on a bed. Jump on the bed and collect the Bandages before leaving the house.

Travel around the house to reach a darkened entrance to a small cave. A Tentacle resting on the roof of the cave will attack you as you approach the doorway. Kill the Tentacle and enter the cave by passing a wooden arch. Shoot the vase to the left just after the entrance to reveal a Clip. Pass another arch and shoot the vase to the right to reveal a Flare. The crate is empty, so continue following the cave around to the left. Eventually you shall come to a larger room with a large crate to your right. Kill the Tentacle in the middle of the room, as well as the Tentacle just after the arch straight ahead and slightly to the right that leads further on. Continue a little further into the room and kill the Tentacle to the far left. Shoot the vase between the first and second large crates in the room to reveal a Flare. This room is filled with large crates with small cracks that you can pass between, as well as a couple of Tarydium cystals a little higher up. Go between the first and second crate of the room and travel to the far left. Shoot the crate at the end to collect a Clip and a vase slightly to the right to reveal another Clip. Travel to the right towards another wooden arch leading to a small alcove with two Tarydium crystals intersecting one another. Shoot the crate to the left and right to collect two Tarydium Shards. Turn around and jump onto the pile of crates to reach the top a larger crate in the middle of the room. Collect the Health Pack and follow the rafter to the second large crate in the room from the entrance. Collect the Flare on the crate and jump to the first large crate of the room from the entrance to collect an Assault Vest. Jump back to the previous crate and climb the rafter that connects the crate to the arch of the next area. Once you get near the top, turn left and jump onto another large crate to collect some Tarydium Shards. Drop back to the lower floor and return to the pile of crates. Shoot them to reveal two Bandages and a Health Pack, then go through the arch mentioned earlier. The vase to the left just after the arch is empty, so follow the corridor to the right past two more arches. Kill the Tentacle guarding the third arch and exit from the cave. The vase to the right just before the exit holds nothing, so exit the cave.

You are on a small platform overlooking the river. Drop to the lower platform that is just above the water by going straight ahead. If you wish to return to the upper platform simply use the elevator behind you. Straight ahead of you is a metal crate. To your right and straight is a corpse[6]. Just in front of him is an Automag. Return to where you first encountered the Lesser Brutes by either backtracking through the cave or swimming in the river to reach the platform just before the Nali Healing Fruit island mentioned earlier. Follow the corridor where you found the first Lesser Brute. The two crates on the right contain nothing, so continue straight until you reach a lift. Press the button on the right to lower the lift, then step on it and wait for it to rise. Continue straight until you reach the next room of the bunker. To your left is a metal crate and another lift, while straight ahead is a large crate. Go around the crate to find another metal box, a corpse with no log, and a Clip. Press the button on the left wall, then quickly get on the elevator before it rises. Turn around when the elevator reaches the top and jump off straight and to the right towards a Clip on top of the doorframe of the entrance of the room. Turn around once more and jump to the top of the large crate to collect an Assault Vest beside a pool of blood and water. Ride the elevator once more to the top, then follow the railway to the right. Turn right once more, and left at the next doorway. You will be looking at the bunker exit, guarded by a patroling Lesser Brute. Kill it and shoot the crate to the right to collect a Health Pack. Continue into the final room of the bunker by going straight, it is empty besides a metal crate to the left. Exit the bunker to enter another outside location.

Collect the Automag beneath the light to the right. A Manta probably will attack you, if not it is on the other side of the rock straight ahead. Just before the light is a couple plants with a corpse beside it[7]. Collect the Nali Healing Fruit next to the corpse behind the wall. Go around the rock to see the rest of the outside area. Two Nali Birds can be seen circling the skies, while a Nali Rabbit hops along on the ground. Go straight towards a metal ramp leading to a dirt patch and follow it down to a pair of doors underneath a red light. Do not go through them at this time, but shoot the barrel to the left to reveal a Flare. Shoot the two crates to the right to find two Health Packs, then return to the grassy world above. Follow the small patch of grass to the right of the dirt patch to collect a Nali Healing Fruit. Turn left at the end to reach a strip of metal. Drop to the left onto a small narrow ledge beside the metal ramp to collect a Clip. Drop to the lower floor and return to the metal strip. About halfway across the metal strip you shall find another metal ramp to the left. Climb it to reach a higher metal strip stretching from your left to the right. Collect two Clips to your left, then follow the strip to the right. Another Tentacle will attack you from an entrance to a storage complex in the nearby rocks, kill it and continue towards the complex. Turn left at the end to enter the building while killing a Tentacle just past the doorway.

A Lesser Brute patrols the complex and the metal rafter outside, kill it when you encounter it. As you enter the complex a Tentacle will attack you from the opposite end of the hallway leading to the right, kill it and follow the hallway to the end. Turn left as you enter the storage complex and light up the darkened corner beside some large crates with either a Flare, Flashlight, or Dispersion Pistol shot to see the Lesser Brute hiding in the corner. Kill it and collect the Clip also found in the corner. This room has a great number of large crates, however most of the room is devoid of anything else. Head straight towards a stack of crates nearby the opposite wall of the room from the entrance. To the right is a closed air vent on the wall, instead head left towards a corpse. Once you reach the corpse with no log, turn right and jump onto the crates to reach the top of one of the large crates in the room. Collect the Health Pack at the top, then jump to the stack of crates beside the air vent to collect a Clip and some Bullets. Drop to the floor and return to the corpse. Shoot the crates to reveal some Tarydium Shards, then turn around and follow the short corridor past the corpse. At the end turn left and then right to reach a doorway leading out of the room. Turn left once you step through the doorway, then follow the hallway to the end. Kill the Tentacle at the opposite end of the hallway. Go down the stairs to the right to reach an entrance back to the outside patch you were previously at before you entered the complex. Collect the Clip beside the corpse to the right[8], then exit the complex. Collect the Nali Healing Fruit to the right of the entrance, then head left to return to the metal ramp. Go down the metal ramp and go through the double doors at the bottom to finish this level.

Quick Level Completion Edit

  • Follow the corridor to exit the ship.
  • Turn left and go until you see a trench on your left made by the ship.
  • Drop to the trench and travel to the opposite side.
  • Climb up one of the wooden rafters to reach the opposite piece of grass.
  • Enter the mining bunker and follow the corridor to an elevator while ignoring the closed door.
  • Go to the upper floor by a button on the right.
  • Press another button to your left to raise another elevator to a higher floor.
  • Follow the corridor to another outside area.
  • Go around the rock.
  • Head down the metal ramp and go through the pair of doors at the end.

Difficulty Differences Edit

Easy Edit

  • There is an Automag on the table in the abandoned house.
  • No Lesser Brute patrols the higher exit of the mining bunker.
  • No Manta exists around the exit to Rrajigar Mine.
  • Two Clips can be found on the ledge beside the exit to Rrajigar Mine instead of one.
  • There are no Tentacles in the hallways leading to the storage complex.
  • No Lesser Brute is hiding in the dark corner of the storage complex.
  • A Super Health can be found on the opposite side of the crates in the storage complex with the dark corner.
  • No Tentacle on the stairs leading to the storage complex.

Hard Edit

Unreal Edit

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References Edit

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