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"These floating gardens are located high above the capitol city, and have a view worth killing for."
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OD-Prism (whose full name is Prism) is a map appearing in Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict .

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"OverDose is new to this year's competition, and is being tested for possible addition to the Liandri grand tournament. Score points by finding the radioactive orbs and delivering them to the goals. You're facing a tournament champion, so you'll need your best performance."
Mission description

The prologue cutscene to the match opens with Malcolm and the robot commentator.

Robot commentator: "Next we have our first Overdose match. Malcolm, why don't you take us through the rules?"
Malcolm: "Overdose is all right. But the fans'll tell you the real story here is Lauren."
Robot commentator: "We're glad to see her in the ring again. She looks great!"
Malcolm: "Lauren was as tough as they come. She rode with me and the Crash for years. But when Brock died, she lost it, and killed herself."
Robot commentator: "But now, thanks to the Liandri Mining Corporation, she's fighting better than ever."
Malcolm: "Thanks to the Phayder assassins, you mean."
Robot commentator: "The Necris rejuvenation process was invented by the Phayder. Their famous motto is "no one kills like the dead". But the Liandri paid them a king's ransom to bring Lauren back to the Tournament."
Malcolm: "Out of the goodness of their hearts, I hear she's real happy to be back."
Robot commentator: "She sure is! Of course, offworlders aren't eligible to win the throne, but this is a great chance for her to prepare for the Grand Tournament."

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"After reviewing the candidates, Malcolm is leaning towards drafting Anubis for next year's tournament. Malcolm wants your opinion first. Get a look at Anubis, and remind him of his place, in this Overdose match."
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"Kraag is a Skaarj who has earned considerable admiration for his successful campaigns at the head of his Krall army. Normally, you would never have the chance to take the honor of such a revered warrior, but this tournament gives you the perfect opportunity."
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