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"Othello was born into a family of means, and never had to work to support himself. Instead, he challenged himself with the most deadly jobs and in adrenaline-fueling adventures around the galaxy - climbing the ice floes of Mt. Karanish, participation in the Liandri Grand Tournament, even mercenary work in against-all-odds military conflicts. Othello became a drifter, floating from colony to colony, teeding his needs as a street brawler and soldier for hire. A series of unfortunate coincidences made him a first-hand witness to the Twin Souls Massacre."
- UT3 manual

Othello was a character in Unreal Tournament 3.

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  • He's voiced by Terrence Carson, otherwise known as the voice of Kratos, from the God of War videogame series. Both Othello's real name (Terrence) and his facial markings (made in the same shape like Kratos has, but twice) reflects this.
  • Othello's first appearance in the series took place at the first demonstration of the Unreal Engine 3, in the E3 2005.

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