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Outpost 3J (whose full name is Outpost 3J) is a map appearing in Unreal .

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Outpost 3J is located on the floating isle of Na Pali, in Haven. It is somewhat of a precurosor of the final levels of the game inside the Skaarj Mothership because it is the first level in Unreal to take place almost entirely in a Skaarj installation.

Deep within the Na Pali mountain, a hidden Skaarj base keeps a watchful eye on the Nali of the town and gives the Skaarj control over the skies. With nowhere left to run on this sky island, the player has no choice but to seek a way to return to the planet's surface.

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  • If from the open windows after you've pushed the monk statues out, you jump across to the ledges around the church's smaller spires, you can go round and on to the roof. If you go along to the far end of the roof, you get a view of Na Pali Haven.
  • The beta version of the map was composed by both this level, Gateway to Na Pali and Na Pali Haven. In the latter part, there was no lava pit.
  • Levelshots for the map were added in the OldUnreal version 227j patch.

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