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The subject of this article appeared in Unreal Tournament.

"Primary Fire: Active Proxy
Alternate Fire: Passive Proxy

Use your primary fire button to throw out an active and aggressive Proxy. The Proxy will hop around laughing and roaring as it hunts for a victim. There are some weapons that can hurt a hunting Proxy, but you’ll need to experiment to find out which ones they are.
The alternate fire button will launch Proxy in a more passive mode. The Proxy will stick to the surface you shoot it at. It will lower its face shield to hide and then wait for its victim to approach. If someone moves within range, Proxy will become active and leap out at them. Pretty smart little guys, huh?"
UT:GOTY manual

The Proximity Mines (also known as The Proxy) are weapons which come with Unreal Tournament: Game of the Year Edition as part of the mod Chaos UT.

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