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The subject of this article appeared in Unreal Tournament.

Map description[]

Clawfist's arenas have a technical, outer-space theme with 2-3 spacious rooms with 2 floors (the 2nd floor mostly being made out of walkways).


  • Multi Death: (4 players) Is a bit more complex, but very similar to UT2004's DM-1on1-Idoma's center part, with a 3rd floor added on top.
  • Fluent Death: (4 players) More clear-cut, featuring 1 large hall divided into 3 rooms along the length (which is a symmetry-axis) with a walkway being the 2nd floor.
  • Intruding Death: (4 players) Uses this set-up, though it is relatively complex.
  • Circulating Death: (4 players) Has a layout similar to Akuma's arenas and can be seen as a mix of Underlord and Babylon.
  • Straight Death: (4 players) Same as Straight Death.
  • Liandri: (4 players) Is the Clan Arena.

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