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RA-DavidM (whose full name is RA-DavidM) is a map appearing in Unreal Tournament.

Map description Edit

Most of DavidM's arenas can be compared to CliffyB's.

Arenas Edit

  • Sadden Arena: (2 players) A cylindrical arena cut in half with 2 U-shaped corridors with a large room within and lifts at both ends.
  • Sunday Arena: (4 players) Is a full-fledged DM map. Like Swedish Arena, consists of a large U-shaped corridor with a large room in the middle which closely resembles DM-Deck16]['s main hall.
  • Ancient Arena: (2 players) Has the bridge from Damned Arena, but changes the location of the lift (and adds 2) and adds small lava pools.
  • Damned Arena: (2 players) Is close to CliffyB's Dust with a walkway connecting north and south on the 2nd floor.
  • Swedish Arena: (2 players) A cylindrical arena cut in half in 1 large room with lifts north, south and east and various height differences and added hallways.
  • Curse][: (4 players) Is the Clan Arena.

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