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If you're looking for other versions of the map, you might want to check Recurring maps#Turbine.

The subject of this article appeared in Unreal Tournament.

Map description[]

Ebolt's Multi Arenas come in 2 flavours.


  • Bloodsport: (2 players) A rectangular version of Morbias, with 2 added slopes connecting the 2 floors on the outside, and a few added staircases to create some height differences.
  • Urbania: (2 players) Has a completely different layout, using multiple rooms and levels, and can be seen as 1 large room with several floors and added hallways.
  • Mage Tower: (2 players) Has a different setup for its 2nd floor and features a large tower in the middle of the arena. The rest remains mostly the same.
  • Iron Bunker: (2 players) Keeps the towers but makes it a larger obstruction, adds a few hallways on the bottom floor and removes the 2nd floor.
  • Ballista: (2 players) Has a completely different layout, using multiple rooms and levels.
  • Turbine: (4 players) Is the Clan Arena.

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