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The subject of this article appeared in Unreal Tournament.

Map description[]

GE][ solely uses Morbias-like arenas with a few small additions.


  • Pillar: (2 players) Has a typical courtyard layout with an outer ring making up the 2nd floor and a small walkway in the courtyard.
  • Quad: (4 players) Its second floor consists of an outer ring and 1 walkway though the center. What it adds is an underground passage from one side to the other, through the center, underneath the central platform.
  • Dizzy: (2 players) Places 4 floors consisting of cylindrical walkways in a large cylinder.
  • Obelisk: (2 players) Trades in the walkways for a solid second floor and adds lava pools to the first floor.
  • Scarab: (4 players) Consists of a series of platforms and slopes in a canyon, much like RA-Akuma's Underlord.
  • Maximus: (4 players) Uses a large cube, with a tower in each corner and walkways connecting these towers diagonally on 3 different levels.
  • Woodstock: (16 players) Is the Clan Arena. It's a "+"-shaped arena, with teleporters acting as lifts at each end. The underground passage and walkways on the 2nd floor all share the +-shaped layout.

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