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RA-Heiko (whose full name is RA-Heiko) is a map appearing in Unreal Tournament . It is part of Rocket Arena: UT.

Map description Edit

The arenas in Heiko are quite varied and range from very basic to relatively complex.

Arenas Edit

  • Garage Arena: (2 players) Sports a DM-Stalwart-esque theme and 2 floors, 2 rooms and a bit of Z-axis gameplay.
  • Arena of Death: (2 players) Is a simple one: 1 large room (with 2 small side-rooms on opposite ends) is split in half by a ditch, crossed by 3 bridges.
  • Smoking Arena: (4 players) A 2-room, asymmetrical map with 2 floors and plenty of nooks and crannies.
  • Freeze Arena: (2 players) An oval arena with a large courtyard in the middle with a few slopes to connect the 2 floors
  • Terra Arena: (2 players) Is symmetrical and uses only 1 room. The 2nd floor is W-shaped, with lifts at the outer ends and slopes at the middle one.
  • Ice Station Zeto: (4 players)

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