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RA-Outworld (whose full name is Out World) is a map appearing in Unreal Tournament . It is part of Rocket Arena: UT.

Map description Edit

All of Outworld's arenas are set up in outer space, with a technical theme.

Arenas Edit

  • Flight Lounge: (2 players) Its layout is the same as D.S.S. Fourteen, though it's slightly larger and more open.
  • Training Facility: (2 players) It's very cramped and has a more complex layout with a bit of Z-axis gameplay.
  • Jump Portal: (2 players) Has 2 floating structures with jumppads, similar to many custom CTF maps, and is also set on the outer space.
  • S.S. Nova Charger: (2 players) A wrecked spaceship floating in space. It's perhaps the most original of the bunch.
  • D.S.S. Fourteen: (4 players) It's a bit of a simple map: 1 room, 2 floors and slopes on both ends connecting the floors.
  • Hanger One: (4 players) It's the Clan Arena. It consists of 1 large hangar with multiple floors and various obstructions (crates) and walkways. The size of the room makes the arena very open, though the crates give plenty of room to hide.

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