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RA-Warren (whose full name is RA-Warren) is a map appearing in Unreal Tournament.

Map description Edit

Warren uses asymmetrical, 2/3-room arenas with 2 floors and plenty of corridors in a variation of themes.

Arenas Edit

  • Factory: (4 players) Uses a similar set-up as Castle, though with fewer corridors and using 3 floors instead of 2.
  • Starship: (4 players) Has also similar set-up to Castle, with 2 floors and the bottom floor being 1 hallway.
  • Castle: (4 players) Has 1 central room with a courtyard and a large room with stairs connecting the 2 floors. The rest of the map consists of corridors.
  • Temple: (4 players) Has a top floor consisting of 2 platforms in the central room and a bottom floor with an additional corridor running around this room.
  • Streets: (4 players) Places 2 building in a larger urban area, with plenty of open space and rooms to hide.
  • Deck16][: (32 players) Is the Clan Arena.

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