The Rammer is a creature exclusive to Unreal II: The Awakening.

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Rammers are bipedal, reptilian animal creatures with a large, armored forehead that resemble eyeless bipedal dinosaurs which are seen in the Swamp on the planet Sanctuary, along with the Seagoats. They have no other limbs, but have a tail and a number of spiky protrusions on its back. It has two big fangs that they use to get food and defend. When it stands in its full height, it can reach the height of a human. When they move, though, they only reach half the height of a human. Their presence can be detected by their mournful call, somewhat comparable to that of an Earth whale.

Appearances Edit

  • Swamp - Several across the map, at least until the Marines are rescued.
  • A Rammer is seen caged in the research lab on the planet Hell, when exposed to the beam from the mysterious artifact, it increases in size and can be seen attacking all of the other araknids.

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  • Normally docile, Rammers will defend themselves if attacked.

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  • Rammers are very similar in appearance to Nali Cows. As with Mukhoggs, in UnrealEd Rammers are classified as Rammers and MiniRammers, although the usual Rammers are actually MiniRammers.

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