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Quote gallery page
The following is a quote gallery.

Reaper is voiced by Chris Cox in Unreal Tournament 3. As a result, he has a lot of lines. We'll be quoting them here.

Since he's the main character, many of his voice lines are related to the campaign.

Speeches Edit

Encouragement Edit

Reaper: "Damn!"
Reaper: "Keep it up!"
Reaper: "Boo-yah!"

Flag Kill Edit

Reaper: "Nailed the flag carrier!"

Man Down Edit

Reaper: "Oh! This sucks!"
Reaper: "What the hell?"
Reaper: "Now I'm pissed."
Reaper: "Anyone out there?"
Reaper: "Losing blood!"

Taunts Edit

Reaper: "Damn!"
Reaper: "Boo-yah!"
Reaper: "And stay down!"
Reaper: "Bringing it home!"
Reaper: "Do NOT. PUSH ME."
Reaper: "Hah! You'll feel the impact of that one in a moment!"
Reaper: "For the fallen!"
Reaper: "Get off me!"
Reaper: "Got 'em!"
Reaper: "Oooh! Killed it!"
Reaper: "Line 'em up and knock them down!"
Reaper: "Never saw it coming."
Reaper: "Oooh! Smack!"
Reaper: "Out of my way!"
Reaper: "Rookie mistake."
Reaper: "Ooooh, that's gotta hurt!"
Reaper: "There's more where that came from."
Reaper: "You've got to be kidding me!"

Weapon Taunts Edit

Reaper: "Biohazard!"
Reaper: "Green is definitely your color!"
Reaper: "One shot, one kill!"
Reaper: "Shocking!"
Reaper: "Ooooh, that was messy!"
Reaper: "Flak attack!"
Reaper: "I think I've made my point."
Reaper: "Death warrant enforced!"
Reaper: "Package delivered!"

Campaign quotes Edit

Cinematics Edit

Reaper: "Controlled bursts! Watch for civilians!"
Reaper: "I need volunteers!"
Othello: "You name it!"
Reaper: "Jester, our only chance is to power up a ship for evac."
(A ship rises up to the sky and gets shot down)
Jester: "And get shot down?"
Reaper: "Not a shuttle... a fighter. A good enough pilot could get past that blockade."
Jester: "I'm on it."
(Jester kills a Krall and goes to said fighter)
Othello: "¡Reaper!" (runs from the fire) "A fighter won't help evac all these colonists."
Reaper: "Just get my sister to safety. Whatever it takes."
(They exchange their weapons)
Reaper: "Bishop, provide cover."
Bishop: "Verily! Bless my skills, oh Lord, and be pleased with the work on my hands..."
Reaper: "Just do it!"
-- Intro cutscene
Jester: "You still mad?"
Reaper: "You shouldn't have come back."
Jester: "Right. Fly off and leave brother to die."
Reaper: "I swore I would take care of you."
Jester: "From six feet under? Good plan."
Reaper: "Fine, you win. So, we're working for the Izanagi now?"
Jester: "They had two things we needed. First, a hospital. You were half dead."
Reaper: "And the second?"
Jester: "I knew you'd be pissed when you woke up. This mercenary gig gets us up close and personal with Necris. Fast."
Reaper: "Now we're talkin'."
Jester: "That was the plan, but the Izanagi suits call us 'Ronin' behind our backs. I figure we learn their new tech... and prove we deserve a front line assignment."
Reaper: "Sounds good. So where's the firing range?"
Jester: "I thought a little one-on-one would work out the kinks."
Reaper: "With rocket launchers? Your big plan was to save me, then blow me to bits?"
Jester: "The whole city is covered with respawners. Corporate money..."
Reaper: "Respawners? On a battlefield?"
Jester: "Sure. Portable units."
Reaper: "So no casualties..."
Jester: "Yeah. Let's see if the docs put you back together right. I know that you feel better, but I need to make sure you're really ready for all this. Let's meet up at the Kimpu docks for a little one on one refresher course. If it helps, you can pretend I'm one of those scary Krall goons..."
-- Act I: Ronin
Reaper: "Nice office."
Malcolm: "Some crib, huh?"
(Malcolm walks towards Reaper, they shake hands)
Malcolm: "Name's Malcolm."
Reaper: "Reaper."
Malcolm: "Izanagi hired me to run Special Ops."
Reaper: "Heh. That can't be cheap."
(Both of them walk outside while talking)
Malcolm: "Sounds like you know my rep."
Reaper: "Yeah. Who doesn't? Most grand tournament trophies, ever. Leader of Thunder Crash, A.K.A. "Thunder Cash"..."
Malcolm: "A'ight, I get it."
Reaper: "...all of which makes you a highly decorated... civilian."
Malcolm: "I've run "Thunder Cash" in the wackest conditions the Liandri could dream up... magma-filled volcanoes, zero-gravity, fucked-up aliens, you name it. This shit here's a cakewalk."
Reaper: "So that makes you a general."
Malcolm: "Naw. But respawners completely changed the war. And nobody knows 'spawners like a tourney champ."
Reaper: "Fair enough. So what do you want with me?"
Malcolm: "Izanagi bosses want surgical strikes to win this war."
Reaper: "And they're cost-effective."
Malcolm: "Yeah. Small team like yours, knows how to work together - a real asset."
(Here's where the things start to get... tense...)
Reaper: "Heh, a real disposable asset."
Malcolm: "Read it how you want. But now your team's with SpecOps."
Reaper: "So the Ronin have a master, huh?"
Malcolm: "Damn, son, you ever shut up? We're goin' to war and I need you on my crew."
Reaper: "Why? The Necris are the real threat, not the Axon."
Malcolm: "They started this, wantin' our tarydium. And we need their gear if we're gonna flex on the Necris."
Reaper: "Fine. We'll be ready."
(Reaper leaves)
Malcolm: "Listen. I heard what happened to your colony. I know you want blood. This job gets you there faster. Trust me."
-- Act II: With Caesar's Coin
Othello: "Don't get me wrong, I like a little action... but this is bullshit!"
(Reaper appears, and everyone walks to the Izanagi HQ)
Reaper: "It's not bullshit. Fighting Axon in the first place, that was bullshit."
Othello: "Yeah! ... What??"
Reaper: "There's a reason we drive Axon vehicles... they're the best. And we'll need them to fight the Necris."
Jester: "If they can afford Malcolm, they can buy a few tanks, right?"
Bishop: "They did buy them. With soldier's blood instead of Caesar's coin."
Othello: "Always politics..."
Reaper: "I don't give a damn about politics." (Pulls a picture of Akasha from his back) "This is why I'm here."
Othello: "That's the skank that jumped us!"
(Malcolm appears in the briefing room)
Malcolm: "That 'skank' is a Necris High Inquisitor. Name's Akasha. She handles non-military ops like the one on Twin Souls."
Jester: "So she slaughters civilians for a living. Nice."
Malcolm: "I want this chick too. But so far the Necris have stayed out of the fight."
Reaper: "So let's take the fight to their homeworld. See how they like it."
Bishop: "Lead us them to a martyr's death..."
Malcolm: "We've kept the fight under the N.E.G.'s radar. But this new alliance may fool the Phayder into making a mistake... like open warfare. We need more Tarydium to keep our tanks rollin'. The Liandri have plenty, so we're takin' it. Suit up, quit, I don't care. But Izanagi's still got a war to fight."
Bishop, Jester, Othello, Reaper: "Yes, sir."
(Malcolm retires from the briefing room)
Reaper: "Don't worry, I'm not on a holy war. I just want to kill this bitch."
-- Act III: The Liandri Conflict
Reaper: "This isn't war - this is slaughter. You call this calculated losses? Collateral damage?"
Malcolm: "We didn't think they'd came this fast... attack every front..."
Reaper: "You wanted them to break the rules, start an open war... Take a look, you got your wish!"
Malcolm: "They came too fast... we didn't provoke this... they must have been preparing for years..."
Reaper: "Yeah, you blew it. But this was coming no matter what we did... Only one thing to do now. Let's kick some Necris ass."
-- Act IV: Calculated Losses
Malcolm: "Worked like a charm - we pushed hard, the Necris got stupid... and the N.E.G. stepped in."
Reaper: "So the war is just... over?"
Malcolm: "Unless you want to take on the whole Earth military. Heh."
Bishop: "The horridan Akasha roams free, our swords wasted on Axon and Liandri."
Malcolm: "Wasted? Hell naw, Izanagi came out way ahead, thanks to y'all. Just wait 'til the bonus plan kicks in."
Othello: "Surprise, more political b.s."
Bishop: "Patience. Every sinner shows in my sights, eventually."
Reaper: "So that's it, then."
Malcolm: "Add in a few reconstruction contracts, that could mean another sweet bonus."
Reaper: "You're not listening. THAT. IS. IT. We are leaving, right now, to do what we should have done from the start."
(Things get serious)
Reaper: "I need a ship. Get me one."
Malcolm: "What, you're gonna catch Akasha and her posse in a drive-by? On the Necris homeworld?"
(Reaper doesn't listen and keeps walking.)
Reaper: "We've got a new mission. Volunteers only."
Jester: "Huh? I though the war was over?"
Reaper: "I want skids up in ten minutes."
Jester: "Yes, sir."
Reaper: "Prep deep recon loadouts. We're going through that Jumpgate."
-- Act V: Disposable Assets
Jester: "This place should be crawling with Black Legion by now."
Reaper: "We haven't exactly been subtle."
(Something/someone watches from above)
Jester: "Something's wrong. Feels like a trap."
Othello: "Aww, why you gotta ruin it?"
Bishop: "Found her. Four exits, four of us. Every eye shall see her."
Othello: "I know the drill. Y'all spread wide, I'll flush her out."
Reaper: "No. This is my job. (His teammates acknowledge him) Let's end it."
-- Malcolm's Betrayal
Reaper: "You dead? ... Huh?"
(Starts kicking Akasha and smashing his rocket launcher into her head)
Reaper: "Guess so."
(Tries to contact his teammates)
Reaper: "She's down. The bitch is finally down."
(Necris soldiers appear.)
Reaper: "Ronin, sound off."
(A soldier drops a dying Jester from above.)
Jester: "Told you... it was a trap..."
(Jester dies)
Reaper: "Jester... My little Sarah... I'm so sorry."
(Reaper is surrounded by Necris soldiers)
Reaper: "Only one person knew our plans. That makes you next... Malcolm."
-- Ending cutscene

Campaign briefing Edit

"We were sent here to meet a Liandri informant with sensitive data about something called: 'The Strident.' Something tipped off the Liandri and now we're doing this the loud way. Jester: Find that informant. Stay in close radio contact. We'll keep Liandri security busy for you."

"This should be a straightforward infantry assault. We take out their respawner and we're in control. Bishop, there's plenty of high ground and clear lines of sight, so provide cover when we cross the bridges. The rest of you, keep your heads up and watch for snipers."

"Akasha bugged out planet-side and our ship wasn't made for landing in atmosphere. If we're gonna get this bucket down in one piece, we need more power-cells to boost the shields. We've been disavowed by the Izanagi and we're already breaking every law in the books. S'hell, we might as well stop here and steal a few cells for the ship. I wouldn't be surprised if Loque's waiting for us -with a death squad- so be ready."

"The Izanagi may not like us, but they like results. Bishop, Othello, welcome to the team. Intel picked up another Axon cell inside Tokaido. This one's dug in, with a field lattice generator powering their respawner. We need to work as a team to retrieve the enemy FLaG units, power down their respawner, and clear them out."

"A robot army with a huge central brain has one weakness, right? If we can infiltrate and control the strident, we own all of Hyperion. Ronin's taking point on the assault. Once we give the all-clear, Izanagi techs will move forward and hack the mainframe."

"She's running out of places to hide. Akasha and her last few Dark Phalanx blades are entrenched in the underbelly of old Absalom. The Necris are letting us fight it out for now, but keep your eyes peeled for new combatants."

"We've been giving the Krall a beating. They're attacking less often, but they seem better coordinated and more focused. I'd wager the necris are pulling in the reigns after their recent losses. They timed their move perfectly. Just when we attacked the Liandri and distracted them, the Krall snuck a force into the strident unnoticed. They put a Necris virus in the system that could lower the sky-shield and leave us all defenseless. So let's go play doctor."

"Alright listen up. The plant is well fortified. But if we can capture it intact, we'll have a perfect location for staging our assault on the Liandri. Malcolm wants us to eliminate any resistance. The main battle group is right behind us, and they'll move forward and establish a base when we give the all-clear."

"Izanagi forces tracked a pair of Necris assassins to a tarydium storage facility. Apparently the reps at HQ are scared shitless and they want Ronin to move in. We've clearly got bigger fish to fry, but lets keep following orders for now."

"We keep capturing mines but we don't have the manpower to run them at full capacity. Liandri domestic bots are pretty rugged, and HQ thinks they can be retooled for mining work. Ronin's job is to take over the Carbon-Fire production facility and reroute all shipments to Izanagi territory."

"Izanagi forces trapped the Krall chieftain inside Hyperion's main waste-processing plant. He's a rabid cornered dog. He's dangerous, and we need to put him down. If we're lucky, losing the alpha-male will make the whole pack turn on each other."

"Now that we've taken Oxida Nova, Axon defenses are crumbling. There's only a few pockets of resistance left, but that includes the Iron Guard. These guys are Axon-elite, ex-military--very experienced. And very pissed. They've got a make-shift command point near the transport center. Our job is to take control of the area before they spark a city-wide riot."

"We won the battle, but Akasha slipped through the gate and the Necris are shutting it down. N.E.G. battle-cruisers are inbound to enforce the cease-fire, so we've only got a few minutes before this war 'officially' ends. But unofficially, this shit 'aint over until I say it's over. We are taking over this station, hijacking a ship, and going through that jump-gate to find Akasha."

"Alright here's how it went down. We gave Axon a serious beating and they offered a truce. Their factories are still intact and we need their vehicle tech. So the corporations signed a limited merger. Malcolm took control of the coalition forces and we're heading into Hyperion - the Liandri city. Lauren and her Iron Guard want to train us with new equipment. Sounds more like a hazing ritual. Either way, take it seriously."

"Akasha went to Phayder headquarters to steal the Invulnerability prototype. This thing covers the body in a modulated nano-black shield that absorbs any attack - which is the last thing she needs if we're gonna stop her. So let's follow her into the vault and beat her to it."

"Matrix is our only known source for the Hyperion security codes. We've tracked him down but he won't surrender. He's afraid of being formatted and losing his last few human memories. He's been using Liandral portal tech to evade Izanagi forces, so they called Ronin to finish the job. Without those protocols, we can't access the mainframe cores and Liandri technicians could sabotage our operations from anywhere on Taryd."

"We need to secure the slums before we move into the heart of the city. Then we start climbing into the upper-atmosphere of Hyperion and strike into the heart of Liandri operations."
DM-HeatRay (No Darkwalker)

"The Krall saw the same tactical value in the slums that we did. Their initial wave of infantry is already in place and transport ships are in route. That means heavy weaponry and necris vehicles are on the way. So let's finish this. Quickly."
DM-HeatRay (Darkwalker)

"Akasha's been abandoned by the Phayder Corporation and the military, so now she wants sanctuary from the church. The Necris Scylla didn't fall for her deathbed conversion so they sent her to Babel to focus the spires and prove her faith. Instead, she barricaded herself in the sacred temple grounds and she's waiting for us. Time to show the Necris her true colors."

"Akasha's been using this area as a safe-house. Hiding from us, the Necris priests, even the Phayder who sent her to Taryd in the first place. Now she's trapped. No support, no hope of escape. This is where it ends."

"Looks like we're stuck doing some crap jobs before the Izanagi trust us. We're headed up north to investigate some 'disturbances' along the coast. Axon scouts have been sneaking across the bay and setting up shop inside Tokaido. We've got a field respawner and a full weapons compliment, but the Izanagi set up some random captain to baby-sit us. Keep your cool and try not to use the UDamage against them. Much."
DM-ShangriLa (Act II)

"When the Necris infected Taryd, they didn't draw the line between military and civilian targets. All the corporations are scrambling to defend their home colonies. This is exactly why we signed up, Ronin."
DM-ShangriLa (Act IV)

"The Liandri captured a Necris Darkwalker vehicle and they've hidden it in a well guarded research facility. Izanagi techs want that walker. Bad. If we steal it we could learn enough about Necris technology to train our combat forces. That means we could hijack Necris vehicles directly off the battlefield and use the bastards' own technology against them."
VCTF-Containment (Darkwalker contained)

"The Mitsushi gardens were a place of beauty and peace. Now they're a vector for the infection spreading across Tokaido City. HQ is finally giving us some credit, and they've specially requested Ronin to handle this one."

"The Krall found out about the Liandri facility holding a Necris Darkwalker, and they overran the defenses. The Krall could use that walker to destroy the facility, laying the groundwork for a full-scale invasion. If the Necris can establish a beach-head on Taryd's surface, we'll have much more to worry about than Krall mercenaries."
VCTF-Containment (Darkwalker freed)

"These harbors are full of vehicles loading cargo, moving personnel, and maintaining the perimeter. To even the odds, supply requisitioned a few longbows for us. The Anti vehicle rocket launcher - A.K.A. the 'AVRiL Longbow' - fires armor piercing missiles using an onboard optical tracking system. If all that fancy tech works as advertised, it sounds like a sniper rifle for blowing up vehicles. Bishop, have fun."
VCTF-Kargo (vs. Iron Guard)

"I don't like what's going on here. The Axon are quiet - no attempts to recapture the Alluvion Corridor. Four recon teams went into Oxida Nova. Only one made it out. They reported, I quote, "Overwhelming hordes of Krall mercenaries slaughtering everyone wholesale." Before we could get defenses online, the Krall crossed the bay and hit our supply-lines. We need to move quickly, or this entire op is going up in smoke. We've seen what these bastards can do first hand. This time, they don't have the element of surprise but we're still heavily outnumbered. Don't kid yourselves. Respawners or not, every time we fight the Krall, we're fighting for survival."
VCTF-Kargo (vs. Krall)

"After losing the war, Akasha is about as popular here as we are. Malcolm's getting intel through a secret informant - probably a leak in the Phayder Corporation. Akasha is hiding in the city of Absalom, surrounding herself with her last loyal crew of blackguard assassins. Lets see if they're willing to die for her."

"Our plans for a covert insertion went up in flames the same time our ship did. They probably saw that contrail a hundred miles away. We can expect Necris scouts at the crash site any minute, but there's a huge sandstorm on the way that should cover our movement."

"Alright listen up. We're winning this war, Ronin. We've pushed the Necris back to their ingress- that huge infection tube in the mountains. It connects to their orbital platform and a jumpgate to Omicron 6. Our dearest friend, the high inquisitor Akasha, recalled all teams for a delaying action while *she* heads home. Heh. Not on our watch. We're gonna break-ranks and take out their core before that bitch bugs out on us."

"The Izanagi are taking Oxida Nova City and we're on point. I don't have to tell you about urban terrain, even 3:1 odds is rolling the dice - and today, we're straight up. We move downtown, flush the Axon into the open, and take out their power grid. The sooner we get heavy vehicles in play, the better - either by blowing the barricades outside the Axon base, or capturing the tank factory at the central node. Stay alert. We're on their home turf now and they'll use that to advantage."

"This facility is running low profile, so there's no heavy security. Izanagi expects us to walk in and pick up another tarydium mine for their stock-holders. If we can capture all the nodes surrounding the mine entrance, we'll open the security doors, giving us access to a Cicada. The cores are vulnerable to aerial attack, so that airship would be a huge advantage."

"Akasha is moving deeper under the city, hoping her power grid will go unnoticed by the sentient nano-black and Absalom. If we can capture the central node, we'll let the nano-black infect her core, disabling her grid without having to fight past her defenses. This is her last spawner. If we can disable it, we put her down. Permanently. Then we start thinking about how the hell we're gonna get home."

"Izanagi H.Q. wants a foreward O.P. to monitor Krall activity in the north. They found a military comms facility on the Hyperion archipelago that's perfect. Except for the Liandri bots stationed there. This is a covert insertion so we'll have limited vehicle support. Shouldn't be a problem. Their only defenses are dismounted infantry and a few turrets."

"The Necris lead a full-scale invasion of Taryd and they have complete control of the northern onyx territories. Their infection tubes are pumping the landscape full of nano-black, terraforming this planet into a Necris stronghold. We stop this advance, we push them back, or we're done for. We're completely blacked out, and Izanagi H.Q. needs eyes for us to have a fighting chance in this war. Our orders are to retake this commo post, and that's what we're gonna do. No vehicle support, just whatever we can steal on the battlefield."

"Time to take down another power core. The old market centers both have nodes powering defense turrets. If we can take them both, we'll overload the enemy core shields and their core will be raised and exposed. Then we use the turrets to finish them off from a distance. We're using the 'Node Buster' Orb and Hoverboards this time. Expect more intel on the field."
WAR-MarketDistrict (vs. Iron Guard)

"When the Necris infected Taryd, they didn't draw the line between military and civilian targets. All the corporations are scrambling to defend their home colonies. The Necris have Izanagi's Kimpu Market District under siege and have imposed martial law. This is exactly why we signed up, Ronin."
WAR-MarketDistrict (vs. Necris)

"Intel reports that Loque captured an Axon military base on the Onyx Coast. Perfect opportunity to put this Leviathan to good use. In the security facility there's a heavily defended node that controls the central bridge. If we can hold that long enough to get the Leviathan across, we can bring all that firepower right into their kitchen."

"Intel says we can take control of the drill mech loading bay and send the mining bots into overdrive. As long as we hold that node, they'll keep working, and the resulting power surges will funnel right into the enemy core. Kaboom."
WAR-PowerSurge (vs. Liandri)

"We've stopped the Necris at every turn and it looks like they're getting desperate for tarydium. They sent every Krall they've got into the Dusk Mine. They tried flooding the underground structure to trap Izanagi forces inside. Luckily, one of the mining tributaries collapsed, opening a back door just big enough for a small commando force - like us. Now lets link up with our boys, and clear the mine."
WAR-PowerSurge (vs. Krall)

"With the Alluvion blocked, the Axon are trying to sneak their Leviathan super-vehicle behind our lines. That kind of firepower on our flank would not be pretty so we need to hit 'em quickly. Their convoy stopped near a supply depot to refuel, and it's ambush time. Our forces used dense forest cover to establish a small base and now Ronin does the real work. Don't forget the mine node. We can use it to construct our own Leviathan. That'd wake 'em up."

"Intel has proof the Phayder Corporation is backing the Krall army, supplying them with Necris vehicles and technology. Just what we need: Bestial psychotic killers with high-grade tech. Latest news is that the Krall hijacked an Axon supply convoy including - oh, that's just great... - including a Leviathan super vehicle. Ronin, we're on damage control. That Leviathan could turn the tide of the war, and we'd better be on the right side of the wave when it hits."

"Axon scouts were discovered sneaking through the tunnels, and we've traced their movements to a central base of operations. Orders are simple: Destroy the base and seal the tunnels for good."

"We need to blow the Axon core but - surprise - it's protected by blast doors. We can lower the doors if we can steal a heavy tank and drive it onto the pressure pad. Good news is there's a tank factory in the vicinity. Bad news? We need to get it across a drawbridge powered by the node underneath it. So Job One: Get the tank. Job Two: Hold the drawbridge and get the tank across. Job Three: Protect the tank while we take out the core. Job Four? Watch the fireworks."

"Advance teams established an improvised base on the border, but Axon forces are amassing a huge force across the central gorge. We need to destroy the enemy core to establish a firm command of the area. When the N.E.G. pulled out, they left a support node intact hidden underneath the bridge. If we can take that node, we'll get some extra firepower we can use against the core."
WAR-Torlan (vs. Iron Guard)

"With three corporations at each other’s throats, the Torlan Delta's in chaos. Krall forces are swarming at the central Torlan gorge, looking to take advantage. All we've got is a forward observation post at the border. The outlying nodes will give us more vehicles, but intel says they're already corrupted by the Necris. The Torlan Delta's about as strategic as it gets, so this isn't optional. We have to push out the Krall if we're gonna win this war. Good thing we picked up that Leviathan. Let's give the Krall a little surprise."
WAR-Torlan (vs. Krall a.k.a. Torlan_Leviathan)

"Turns out the Liandri cleared the Krall out of Torlan for us. Unfortunately that means the most vital supply center on the planet is lousy with Liandri bots. We need to take it for ourselves if we're ever gonna fend off a Necris assault. We're rolling in full force and we can expect a quick response from the Liandri board."
WAR-Torlan (vs. Liandri)

"With three corporations at each other’s throats, the Torlan Delta's in chaos. Krall forces are swarming the central Torlan gorge, looking to take advantage. All we've got is a forward observation post at the border. The outlying nodes will give us more vehicles, but intel says they're already corrupted by the Necris. The Torlan Delta's about as strategic as it gets, so this isn't optional. We have to push out the Krall if we're gonna win this war."

Mission banter Edit

Reaper: "Jester, status!"
Jester: "Seriously? We're fighting for our lives... at the mall."
Reaper: "We need to find this informant, and see what the Strident is."
Jester: "Wanna bet it's something we have to shoot?"
Othello: "Awwww... YEEEAAHHHH! I love my job."
-- CTF-Coret
(First red flag capture)
Othello: "Wouldn't it be easier to defend if we raised the bridges?"
Jester: "Then how would we get to their base?"
Othello: "Oh, I don't know... swim?"
Reaper: "Right. You do that. We'll use the bridge."
-- CTF-Hydrosis
(Loque is spotted)
Reaper: "There's Loque! We finally get our shot! Let's take that bastard down!"
Bishop: "We shall take revenge on all who oppose us!"
-- CTF-OmicronDawn
(First red flag pick)
Othello: "We have the flag, let's bring it home."
Jester: "You mean "Field Lattice Generator", right?"
Reaper: "It looks like a flag, waves like a flag - it's a flag."
-- CTF-Reflection
Reaper: "We may be the first humans to set foot on the Strident."
Jester: "That explains why it's so clean."
(First red flag capture)
Reaper: "Nicely done, Ronin!"
Othello: "Did you see that robot chick dance?"
Jester: "I'm pissed, too. Let's do it again!"
-- CTF-Strident
Bishop: "This is the sacred old city."
Jester: "I bet no Terran has ever seen this planet."
Reaper: "At least nobody that lived to talk about it."
(First capture of each flag)
Jester: "The bases are separated by a lifeshield."
Othello: "I can shoot through it... but we can't walk through it?"
Reaper: "Just be glad we're not fighting robots."
-- CTF-Vertebrae
(After picking up the UDamage)
Reaper: "Keep your eyes peeled around that disposal."
Othello: "Who put powerups in a poop-chute?"
-- DM-CarbonFire
Reaper: "Watch your step! There's a lot of goo down there."
Othello: "It's a sewage plant! Show me a place where there ISN'T any goo."
Scythe: "We smell its filth."
(12th. frag)
Reaper: "How much are they paying you?"
(38th. frag)
Reaper: "Just two more!"
-- DM-Deck
Jester: "This is Axon's elite: the Iron Guard."
Reaper: "I want your best today, Ronin."
(Lauren is fragged)
Othello: "Is it just me, or is Lauren smokin' hot?!"
Reaper: "It's not just you."
-- DM-Defiance
Reaper: "Learn the layout quickly! Let's use the terrain to our advantage."
Othello: "This place is crazy! Low-grav, slow zones..."
Jester: "A slow zone is the only chance you have of matching my kill count!"
(Reaper is fragged for the third time)
Reaper: "We need someone on that turret ASAP! Look for a teleporter!"
Jester: "Yeah, if only we had someone good at shooting people from really far away..."
Bishop: "I go to glory!"
-- DM-Deimos
(Lauren frags Reaper)
Lauren: "How do I look?"
Reaper: "Still think she's hot?"
Othello: "A hot chick who can kick our asses? Hell yeah..."
(Lauren is fragged)
Reaper: "You picked the wrong team, Lauren."
Othello: "Hope her contract covers plastic surgery... heheh..."
Reaper: "You're in my way!"
-- DM-Diesel (Lauren route)
(Invulnerability spawns for the first time)
Othello: "That Invulnerability Powerup is mine!"
Reaper: "Just keep it away from Akasha."
(Reaper or Othello take the Invulnerability)
Reaper (first frag w/Invul): "For the fallen!"
Reaper (2º/3º frag w/Invul): "Know that you have forced my hand in this."
Reaper (fourth frag w/Invul): "Twin Souls: Strength of the Fist!"
-- DM-Fearless
(Matrix is fragged for the first time)
Othello: "Why is Matrix running like this?"
Jester: "Rumor says he was human once, and he's afraid of death."
Reaper: "Hmph, too bad for him!"
-- DM-Gateway
(Reaper is fragged for the first time)
Reaper: "Damn, dying HURTS!"
Jester: "Try not to tense up. It helps."
Reaper: "That sounds easy."
(Jester's first frag)
Reaper: "You've been practicing."
(Reaper's first frag)
Reaper: "That felt good."
-- DM-RisingSun
Reaper: "Bishop! Get to high ground!"
Bishop: "All will sing praises of the most high."
(Third frag)
Akasha: "You will pay for this desecration..."
Reaper: "...and you will pay for yours!"
-- DM-Sanctuary
Reaper: "No escape this time. You answer to me!"
Akasha: "My patience for games has worn thin."
(Frags from Reaper)
Reaper (2º frag): "Not long now!"
Reaper (4º frag): "Know that you have forced my hand in this."
Reaper (7º frag): "No more running, Akasha!"
Reaper (10º frag): "Heh, you look lonely... Where're the Phayder now?"
Reaper (13º frag): "I will have my revenge!"
Reaper (15º frag): "A past wrong, righted."
-- DM-Sentinel
Jester: "OK, you're the boss. What's the plan?"
Reaper: "Line 'em up and knock them down!"
-- DM-ShangriLa (Act II)
(Darkwalker spotted)
Othello: "What is that thing?"
Jester: "That's the Necris Darkwalker!"
Reaper: "Be glad it's contained, or it would be a short fight."
(Darkwalker destroyed)
Jester: "Anyone think that Darkwalker looks like a turret on black spaghetti legs?"
Othello: "Mmm... spaghetti. That sounds so good right now."
Reaper: "Focus!"
-- VCTF-Containment
Reaper: "Look what they've done. Disgusting."
Othello: "There's Necris tubes everywhere!"
Bishop: "This is why we fight."
-- VCTF-Corruption
Jester: "Welcome to the Necris capital."
Reaper: "It's beautiful... and... horrible."
Othello: "It's a nanoblack thing, Reaper. You just wouldn't understand..."
Jester: "So where are the thousands of Phayder assassins hiding?"
Othello: "Maybe they haven't noticed us."
Jester: "Suuure. "Ronin" and "stealthy" go so well together..."
(Akasha is spotted)
Akasha: "Fly forth and find them. Search every place. Kill everyone."
Reaper: "Akasha! She's here!"
Jester: "Stay on her!"
-- VCTF-Necropolis
Reaper: "Seems a little too easy..."
Jester: "So much for the Necris defense grid!"
-- VCTF-Sandstorm
(Berserk spawns)
Reaper: "Keep an eye out for the Berserk powerup."
Othello: "Awww YEAH!"
Jester: "You waste enough ammo already, Othello."
Bishop: "One shot, one kill."
-- VCTF-Suspense
Othello: "Sweet! We're going snowboarding!"
Jester: "And the snowbunnies are waiting for you at the lodge..."
Reaper: "Yeah, the big BLUE lodge. We'll meet you there."
-- WAR-Avalanche
Othello: "Where is everybody?"
Bishop: "So many lost souls..."
Reaper: "Looks like Axon declared martial law."
Jester: "Hmmm... you'd think they were afraid of a small, experienced team of commandos that might be operating in their territory."
Othello: "You mean like us?"
Reaper: "Oh, yeah! Twin Souls! Strength of the fist!"
-- WAR-Downtown
Reaper: "We need access to the mine!"
Jester: "The two nodes in the center should do the trick."
(Both support nodes under Ronin control)
Reaper: "Nice job, Ronin!"
Othello: "Damn straight!"
-- WAR-Dusk
Reaper: "Come on! This is her last respawner!"
Jester: "Take this out, and the next fight is for real!"
-- WAR-Floodgate
Jester: "Keep it tight! This is our first run against an all-Necris force."
Reaper: "Oh, I'm gonna enjoy this."
Othello: "So they get vehicles and we don't? Not fair."
Reaper: "Who said life was fair?"
Jester: "Who said they were alive?"
Othello: "I don't care. I'm killing 'em anyway."
-- WAR-Islander_Necris
Reaper: "Keep an eye on those train stations!"
Jester: "Taking them both exposes the enemy core."
Othello: "I like a good shortcut, lets do it!"
-- WAR-MarketDistrict (Act IV)
Reaper: "Intel says keep an eye on the sky."
Othello: "Great... not they can fly, too."
Jester: "The Necris have a Fury, their close-air support ship."
Bishop: "The Fury signifies nothing. We will be victorious."
-- WAR-OnyxCoast
(Mine node starts to be built)
Reaper: "Ronin! Focus on that mining node!"
Jester: "We could use the Tarydium to overload their core with their high-voltage volts."
Othello: "Can't we just blow it up?"
Jester: "That's what I said..."
(Blue Core is surged)
Reaper: "Nice job, Ronin! That mine is our ticket to get out of here."
-- WAR-PowerSurge
Bishop: "There is that Leviathan, and now has to play there in."
Othello: "Is he serious? There's a Leviathan?!"
Reaper: "Focus on that mine to the east! We need that beast!"
(Axon Leviathan spawns)
Bishop: "May those who curse days curse that day. Those who are ready to rouse the Leviathan."
Jester: "Huh? What are you babbling about?"
Reaper: "Enemy Leviathan. Incoming!"
(Ronin Leviathan spawns)
Bishop: "Canst thou draw out Leviathan with a hook?"
Jester: "Everybody in! This thing is unstoppable with a full crew!"
Reaper: "By the numbers, people! Let's move!"
-- WAR-Serenity and WAR-Serenity_Necris
(Jester's first death)
Jester: "Sinkhole? More like "Stinkhole"."
Othello: "Ohhhhhhh... pleeeeeaseeeee..."
Reaper: "Oh, jeez... Stay focused, Jester."
(Axon took the node)
Reaper: "We're vulnerable! Take that node! Now!"
-- WAR-Sinkhole
(First Goliath spawn)
Othello: "Look at that tank! It's HUGE!"
Jester: "Little cozy, but room for two."
Reaper: "We can have a party in there. Just drive it across the bridge first."
-- WAR-TankCrossing
Othello: "Didn't we already do this?"
Jester: "Talk about déja-vù."
Reaper: "I liked it better without the Krall."
-- WAR-Torlan (vs. Krall)
(After taking the Orb)
Reaper: "Careful, the Krall have Nightshades."
Othello: "Roger, I'll keep an eye out."
Jester: "Dork, Nightshades are invisible!"
Othello: "Right, yeah... I knew that..."
-- WAR-Torlan_Necris

Mission decisions Edit

"Akasha went underground. Intel says she's after some new tech prototype that'll make her invulnerable to our weapons. Probably wrong, but we better get there first."

"This is it. One last spawner. Justice for the fallen."

Unused lines Edit

Reaper: "I could use a little help here!"
Reaper: "I've got eyes on a walker."
Reaper: "We need to hold our ground until reinforcements arrive."
Reaper: "Heh! Hey! You said you wanted a challenge."
-- Random mission banter
Othello: "Can't those idiots hit anything?"
Jester: "Go Izanagi navy!"
Reaper: "Take the Hilltop Node! We'll direct their fire!"
-- WAR-ColdHarbor banter
"Akasha's last hope for sanctuary was here, on the island of the prophet, but when she got here the entire island was deserted. Sounds like she's cracking up, but don't underestimate her. I bet she's got a few last tricks up her sleeve."

"The Necris found Axon's stealth research facility and want to shut it down. For once we've got fire support. Izanagi navy has the area under constant bombardment, but the Necris are using the facility's anti-air defenses to hold off the attack. They want Ronin to sneak in and disable those defense cannons so the navy can do it's job. Axon loaned us a prototype 'stealth bender' vehicle -strictly off the record- to get us inside."