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Third-party mod
This article is about an officially-released third-party mod.
Only mods that have been part of official Unreal releases are allowed on this wiki. Third-party mods are not considered canon to the Unreal Universe unless an Epic Games or Digital Extremes employee (past or present) stated otherwise.
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Here you can find a list of official and unofficial, yet essential, files for your game.

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  • The mod achieved several accolades in the 2004 edition of the Make Something Unreal Contest. The most important of these, of course, is winning the Best Mod award in the Grand Finals, but also won the "Best FPS Mod" award in Phases II, III and IV, ranked second place in the "Best Voicepack or Audio Modification" in Phase III, and reached the finals in the Best Model category in Phase II. The map RO-Kaukasus also got an honorable mention in the "Best Level Using Original Content" category in Phase III.
  • Steven Polge mentioned the mod as an example of the combination of polish, balance, and well thought out gameplay with very high quality art, sound, and production values. He also mentioned that it was easy to jump into, and fun as well as compelling to play.[1]

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