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"Welcome to Rocket Arena, soldier."

Rocket Arena: UT is a custom mod included in the Game of the Year edition of Unreal Tournament, but is also available for free online.

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"RocketArena is a fight of pure skill. You have all the weapons, you have all the ammo, you have all the health, you have all the armor, you have no excuses. When you and your opponent(s) enter battle, you are on equal ground. With the same inventory (health, armor, weapons, ammo, etc), the winner is determined by who utilizes their inventory the best. RocketArena pits you against bots (and if you're online, the much more challenging human intellect) in one-on-one or two-on-two best-of-three rounds. The winner stays on to fight the next challenger. The best analogy is to think about the fighting arcade games, where the winner gets to keep his token and continue playing, while various people come up to challenge him or her in a best-of-three match.

RocketArena maps are divided up into five to seven arenas, each of which acts like a mini-map. A separate mini-game make take place in each arena, and each arena has its own personality and design, distinct from the others. Within each arena, there is a line waiting to play. The first two teams will play two to three rounds to determine the winner of the match. The winner stays on, while the loser drops to the end of the line to wait for his or her next turn. Each round consists of a countdown to get ready, select weapon, and position yourself. The round begins when the announcer yells, "Fight!" and then you must do what you do best. After the round is over (either your team or the opponent's team died), you can see the health of the other team to see just how close you were to winning, or how well you defeated them. The countdown begins for the next round soon after, and repeats until one team has won the best-of-three match. The line rotates, letting the next team in line duel against the reigning champs. Note that in local botmatch games, only one bot team will be added by default, so that you never sit around waiting while the bots have a duel. This ensures that you will always have a chance to play. Also note that the bot AI designed for UT works very well when they control the map, grabbing inventory, and generally being healthier and stronger than you might expect. When RA:UT puts them on the same level as you, they are much easier than you'd expect. You may compensate by upping the level of the bots, or going online to play against the human population who is much more challenging than the artificial intelligence."
- UT manual

In Rocket Arena, combatants fight in a chosen arena in a Last Man Standing type of fight. The combatants spawn with all weapons (except the Redeemer) in their inventory, as well as 100 health and armor. Health, ammo and weapon pickups have been removed.

Teams play in rounds and will fight until all the players on the other team have been killed. The winning team takes the round. Once the predetermined number of rounds is reached that team takes the match. Whichever team has won the most matches in the allotted time wins. Before the start of every round, the participants get a few seconds to run around before the match starts. After the player has been killed, he enters spectator mode for the rest of the round.

The gametype's stock maps are a bit differently structured than other maps. A Rocket Arena map usually consists of 5 so-called "Multi-Arenas" and 1 "Clan Arena". The majority of Multi Arenas are small and symmetrical, leaning towards the layouts of maps like DM-Morbias][ or DM-Fractal. They're meant for teams of 1 or 2 players, and as a result the more complex maps are often cramped. The Clan Arenas are the largest maps with teams from 2 to 16 players. Most Rocket Arena maps use Deathmatch maps from Unreal Tournament as a Clan Arena, such as DM-Deck16][, DM-Codex and DM-Zeto

Next to the stock maps, it's also possible to fight in any other map from any other gametype, using the "Rocket Arena: All maps" gametype.

Maps for Rocket Arena are a bit different from other maps. Each map consists of 5 Multi Arenas, which are relatively small arena-type maps for 2-4 players similar to DM-Morbias][ and DM-Fractal, and 1 Clan Arena for 4-32 players which are, in most cases, Deathmatch maps from Unreal Tournament. One exception is RA-GE][ which has 6 Multi Arenas instead of 5. The arena of choice can be selected in an in-game menu that pops up when the map is loaded.

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