"The Seagoat, the alien, bunny-like pet that shows up on the player's ship during mid-game, was created very early on in development and originally thought to be a huge, bovine creature that could inhabit one of the alien worlds in the game. During development, the name "Seagoat" started to stick for the creature, and it was greatly reduced in size and given the role of cute, slightly weird pet."
Matthias Worch

The Seagoat is a passive creature from Unreal II: The Awakening.

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The Seagoat is a small, green, rabbit-like creature that lives in the marshes of Elara V. It has a vertical mouth, two large yellow eyes, and two curved antennae on top of its head. The Seagoat is docile, but will bite to defend itself when attacked. It is similar to the Nali Rabbit by its use and somewhat by appearance.

One Seagoat was accidentally taken aboard TCA Atlantis. It lived in the ship from the Swamp mission onwards. There, the Seagoat was seen eating doughnuts. It was also the main cause of the emergency landing on Kalydon as it managed to somehow damage the internal systems of the ship. Except for these incidents, the Seagoat is just a friendly little pet.

Appearances Edit

The seagoat makes its first appearance in the final cutscene of mission: Swamp. It remains oblivious for a while until it causes a circuitry damage in TCA Atlantis. Afterwards, it occasionally hops around or simply sits within the confines of the ship, just like a pet rabbit.

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Since this cute little creature is passive and harmless, there is nothing to do with it. Just for the sake of fun, however, you might want to stand pretty close to it, to see it hopping away.

Trivia Edit

  • A seagoat can be found on John Dalton's ship. If the player interacts with it, they must pass a quiz. Once all questions are answered, an Easter egg will appear.
  • In another Easter egg, one can see seagoats having a party on John Dalton's ship.
  • The members of the development team liked their creation of the Seagoat so much that they included a lot of Easter eggs throughout the game with the Seagoat theme. Most of them can be found in the Atlantis Interlude maps. Matthias Worch even registered the domains and that are still active. Originally, it was planned to have some more information about the animal on those domains, but they were never complete.
  • An image of a seagoat with red eyes instead of the normal yellow ones, with a slogan "Obey!" can be found in one of the game texture files.

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