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"This weapon is actually a locator beacon. When you place it, a Sentry Turret is beamed onto that spot after a two second delay. Make sure you are well-clear of the area before that happens, so you don’t get crushed! The beacon must be placed on a flat surface, with enough space around it to hold the turret. The turret will blaze away at whatever comes within range. You can reload an empty turret manually (using the normal reloads for an energy weapons and the rocket launcher) by touching the turret. The turret will operate for whomever reloads it. Protect this powerful weapon – you don’t want to be staring down the barrel of your own arsenal!"
UT:GOTY manual

The Sentry Turret is a weapon which comes with Unreal Tournament: Game of the Year Edition as part of the mod Chaos UT.

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