"This is an M700 12-Gauge Semi-automatic shotgun. Absolutely lethal close up, and pretty damned good at mid-range. The alt-fire puts out explosive incendiary slugs with a wider spread and a more limited range."

The M700 12G Semiautomatic Riot Shotgun, or the Crowd Pleaser, is a shotgun that appears in Unreal 2.

Overview Edit

Primary fire
Shoots a single standard pattern-spread shotgun shell containing 16 pellets. At close range, it can do heavy damage and knock some enemies off their feet.
Secondary fire
Fires incendiary slugs that have a wider spread and a shorter range. They catch fire after some time, so this fire mode is capable of setting enemies on fire. This fire mode uses the same ammunition as the primary fire for game purposes; you don’t pick it up separately. This mode is slightly slower.

A nice little addition for any game with guns. Replaces the Flak Cannon from before. This is a pretty basic weapon; you get your typical shotgun attack with primary fire which will take down enemies pretty damn fast. Alternate fire shoots out some shards that explode in the air after a second. This is always nice to have when you are fighting someone strong, though don't waste you ammo too fast because reloading is not quick.

Tips and tricks Edit

  • The shotgun is useful only in close and middle range, but is very powerful.
  • The secondary fire, being less accurate, is very helpful in distracting enemies.
  • The Crowd Pleaser can be used this way: first, do a single secondary shot to set the enemy on fire, and after that use the primary fire until the enemy is conscious again, and if it's not down yet, light the enemy again. This doesn’t work against heavy-armored troops, though; they’ll just keep coming, even though they’re on fire.
  • Make sure to use the primary fire mode for point-blank shots or you’ll incinerate yourself!
  • As the weapon is given to John Dalton early in the game, it is often useful in the early missions, and even later in the game.

Trivia Edit

  • The weapon replaces the Flak Cannon as the de-facto "Shotgun" of the game.
  • It is unique in Unreal world as it has never been officially seen in any of other Unreal series games.

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