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Shrk'Tajji 2nd Lesser Eye of Ess'Tajji was a Skaarj responsible for overseeing experiments in the laboratories of Skaarj Mothership that landed on the planet of Na Pali during the events of Unreal.

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Shrk'Tajji conducted experiments on test subjects (mostly Skaarj and Mercenaries) with intention of developing a shielding effect in their cells by using Tarydium. After a few unsuccessful attemps, he finally managed to determine the cause of failures to be the closeness of Core Generator's magnetic field.

When Prisoner 849 infiltrated the mothership, all experiments were suspended on the orders of Chakti'Nrrj so that power reserves may be transfered to the security systems. During the this incident, Prisoner 849 had to fight several of his experiments (blue and green shielded Skaarj warriors and troopers) on his way to the The Source after the Generator went off-line.

His fate after Prisoner 849 destroyed the mothership is unknown, though it is likely that he was present in the mothership and died in the explosion.

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None to speak of.

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