Skaarj skimmer was a shuttle of unknown class used by Skaarj.

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The skimmer is manned by at least one person a has a limited cargo-carrying capacity. One of the roles performed by this class was that of a scout.

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One skimmer of this type designated 3J-1A, that was scheduled to return to Skaarj Mothership from Outpost 3J to pick up cargo, was found in the outpost hangar by Prisoner 849.

Another skimmer can be seen performing a bombing run on an escaping Nali captive near the Nali castle after he is released by Prisoner 849.

After Prisoner 849 is returned on the planet by UMS Bodega Bay, her journey will bring her to the Skaarj foundry with a parked skimmer inside. It is likely inoperative. Another skimmer flies by above the snow covered canyon leading to the Gala's Peak just as she leaves the foundry.

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  • Skimmer designation implies that they employ some kind of anti-gravity technology.

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