"Very few details are available on these rarely seen Spacefighters, as they appeared and disappeared during the final battle against the Skaarj which ended the '7 Day Siege' over a century ago. Military Intelligence suspects the Skaarj had stolen a new source of energy to power these state of the art crafts (codenamed "Black Scorpions"). Light weight and armoured, the "Black Scorpions" are armed with a dual plasma projectors and homing missile mount. The adaptive wing flaps and engine exhaust system provide the Black Scorpions with a great top speed, aggressive acceleration and high movement range. Exact replicas, as found during the Human-Skaarj War, are used in the Tournament"
UT2004 Manual

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The Skaarj Space Fighter or Black Scorpion is a single user space fighter employed by the Skaarj only at the end of the Human-Skaarj War, most notably during the 7 Day Siege. At this time the Skaarj threatened Earth with one of their motherships. From this ship they launched large numbers of space fighters to repel the Human counter-attack consisting of NEG forces in their Human Space Fighters known as Eagles. Skaarj and Human space fighters are practically identical, although the Skaarj's technology isn't fully understood by Humans.

The 7 Day Siege was recreated along with the fighters for use in 2303's Liandri Grand Tournament (UT2004) in the shape of an Assault match, called AS-Mothership.

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Skaarj Space Fighters controls are exactly like those of their Human counterparts, and are somewhat comparable to those of the Raptor. Unlike the Raptor, space fighters can fly upside down, make loopings, and roll, since there isn't really a sense of up or down in space. Primary fire launches lasers, secondary fire launches rockets, which are stronger and can be locked onto enemy fighters, but which can't be fired as often. Skaarj lasers can be distinguished from Humanlasers by their green, as opposed to red color.

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