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If you're looking for the powerup, you might want to check Slow Field (Powerup).


"The technology powering this device is not entirely understood, even by the scientists who assembled the prototype. The apparent effect though is quite clever - the perception of time is literally bent to a crawl inside the generated field. This device is extremely effective in defense situations, as it can create tactical choke points, or even be used to slow assaults on Nodes or Flags."
UT3 manual

The Slow Field Generator is a deployable item found in Unreal Tournament 3.

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The Slow Field Generator (also called Stasis Field or Slow Cube) is a green cube with a gelatinous look, just about large enough to completely enclose objects the size of the Nightshade. Inside this cube, time is slowed by one eighth for projectiles and by one fifth for players and other objects. Flags and orbs only suffer 50% time dilation, to prevent them from staying there for an eternity after being dropped.

The Slow Field Generator's sides block hitscan shots from weapons and vehicles from both inside and outside the field. Hitscan weapons can still be used inside the stasis field, for example to set off a combo using a shock projectile that already floats inside the field. This property may even be used defensively for blocking off shots of the Darkwalker or Nemesis. It might actually be more effective for this purpose than a Shield Generator, which only lasts about 1.5 minutes and has a limited amount of health.

If the Slow Field Generator doesn't touch any players or game objectives (power nodes, barricades, flag bases, etc.) it will last for three minutes. Each player and vehicle in the field drains 3 seconds of the field's life time per (non-slowed) second, each game objective drains 4.5 seconds per second.

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