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"Sobek is a grizzled veteran of both the Liandri Unreal Tournament and the Imperial Legion. He has befriended Anubis, and taught him everything he needs to know about Tournament fighting. He's not as fast as he used to be, but he's twice as cunning."
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Sobek is a character in Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict.

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Sobek has served in the Imperial Legion for quite a long time, and was a former Liandri Grand Tournament contestant, but according to Malcolm, he couldn't hold on to a sponsor.

He spends most of the Rites being Anubis's mentor, advisor, and partner in team matches. His ladder starts with the last pre-Rites training.

He has a special dislike of Apophis. The first time the two met was during the Ascension Rites, when he crossed paths with Selket and him. Apophis threatened to kill him. but Selket stopped the whole thing saying that "he slows Anubis down". His ladder ends with a 1on1 match between them.

Sobek's Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict character card

Name: Sobek
Race: Nakhti
Age: 54 yrs.
Birth place: Na'pt Bon
Weight class: Medium

Meleé: Legion Sword
Ranged: Nakhti Scorpions
Adrenaline combos:

"Sobek is a grizzled veteran of both the Liandri Unreal Tournament and the Imperial Legion. He has befriended Anubis, and taught him everything he needs to know about Tournament fighting. He's not as fast as he used to be, but he's twice as cunning."

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Sobek is voiced by Brazos McDonald, and has his own voicepack. As Anubis's sidekick, he gets plenty of appearances in the Ascension Rites, and even has some AR-specific voicequotes.

Ascension Rites Edit

Sobek: "Another crap patrol for the best of the Imperial Legion."
Anubis: "I have friends in higher places."
Sobek: "Yeah, the kind of friends who put scorpions in your boots."
--Basic Training
Anubis: "I won't allow Selket to do this."
Sobek: "You two got history. I know that. But she ain't gonna ask your permission."
Anubis: "I leave for the capitol in the morning. Keep the men out of trouble."
Sobek: "Forget it. All that political bullshit you left behind? It's a hundred times worse now with Liandri on the picture."
Anubis: "No. She wanted me in the Tournament so badly. Now she gets her wish."
Sobek: "If you're serious you gonna need help. And I've been in the Tourney."
Anubis: "You weren't in the last Ascension Rites."
Sobek: "Nah. I ain't exactly emperor material. But I did spend a few years on the Liandri circuit."
Anubis: "When will you stop surprising me?"
Sobek: "When you start payin' attention. Figure I can show you a few tricks."
Anubis: "So be it. We start tonight."
--Basic Training
Sobek: "That was fun. Bots make for good target practice."
Anubis: "I look forward to thanking the Liandri personally."
Sobek: "Your funeral."
--Road to the Capitol
Sobek: "Are you sure about this... about her?"
Anubis: "I know her better than any other man. She must be stopped."
Sobek: "Maybe she's changed."
Anubis: "Selket is a viper. Her family wants the power of the scepter, not the duties of the throne."
Sobek: "Then you're gonna need somebody watchin' your six, kid. And I mean in the Tourney too. Need a partner."
Anubis: "I've already found a partner. A Legionnaire, in fact."
Sobek: "Really? Okay, fine, y'ain't gonna tell me everything."
Anubis: "You'd like him. An ornery, washed up sergeant. Too stupid to retire. Great shot, though."
Sobek: "Oh, sure, I'll partner with ya. But you gotta keep up."
--Road to the Capitol
Sobek: "How's it feel?"
Anubis: "It feels... right. Except... this. [points to his helmet] I feel like a mascot, not a warrior."
Sobek: "Your parents named you for the Jackal, not me."
Anubis: "A jackal is a dog! I am named for the God of Death!"
Sobek: "Hey, take it easy. Save this attitude for the camera."
Anubis: "I've spent hours filling out waiver forms, and I've got a deathmatch in the morning. And you want to practice again?"
Sobek: "Everything's different in a tourney arena. I don't want you to be caught off-guard."
Anubis: "Nothing could surprise me after this week."
Sobek: "[Points to him with the Rifle] Surprise, kid!"
Anubis: "What the... [gets teleported] ...hell are you doing?"
Sobek: "The teleporters changes things, huh?"
Anubis: "Another hour of practice couldn't hurt."
--Combat Training
Sobek: "Selket. [Apophis gets in his way] Nice dog."
Apophis: "[Spawns his axe] Back off, man!"
Selket: "So, Anubis is still too scared to fight his own battles. I'm not surprised."
Sobek: "You loved ripping out his heart, didn't you? And now you wanna do it for real."
Selket: "Why bother? It's the heart of a coward."
Sobek: "He ain't no coward."
Selket: "He dropped out of the Tournament..."
Sobek: "...because of the politics! Then you dropped him like a hot shit sandwich."
Selket: "He ran from the politics. And you want him for Emperor?"
Sobek: "Better than a Liandri whore. [Apophis grabs Sobek and throws him]"
Selket: "He abandoned our people once. I won't give him a second chance."
Selket: "[Stops Apophis from killing Sobek] No. Let him live. He just slows Anubis down."
--Test of Stamina

Frag taunts Edit

Sobek: "And stay down!"
Sobek: "Better to burn out than fade away."
Sobek: "Experience counts!"
Sobek: "For the legion!"
Sobek: "You're too slow, kid."
Sobek: "Unreal!"
Sobek: "Take it!"
Sobek: "Who wants some?"
Sobek: "Pure skill."
Sobek: "School's in session."
Sobek: "Welcome to basic training."
Sobek: "Right between the eyes."
Sobek: "I'm on fire!"
Sobek: "Hoo-ah!"
Sobek: "I'm not old, I'm crafty."
Sobek (vs. Anubis): "Just a few more, LT."

Fragged taunts Edit

Sobek: "Good shot!"
Sobek: "Sneaky!"
Sobek: "Medic!"
Sobek: "Nice!"
Sobek: "Nice shot!"
Sobek: "Ouch!"
Sobek: "Is that your best?"
Sobek: "Good one!"
Sobek: "Try that again!"
Sobek: "Lucky shot."
Sobek: "Bad news."
Sobek: "Man down!"
Sobek: "KIA."
Sobek: "Time to retire."
Sobek: "Oh, son of a bitch!"
Sobek (vs. Anubis): "Damn these slow legs!"

Searching taunts Edit

Sobek: "Where the hell are you?"
Sobek: "I'll teach you to run."
Sobek: "You can't hide."
Sobek: "Search and destroy."
Sobek: "Slow down, dammit!"
Sobek: "I hope you feel lucky."

Other taunts Edit

Sobek (Friendly fire, receiver): "I'm on your team!"
Sobek (Friendly fire, receiver): "Friendly fire."
Sobek (Friendly fire, giver): "Whoops."
Sobek (Arrived to defense): "Base secured."
Sobek (Has the flag): "Got me a flag!"
Sobek (Has the flag): "I have the flag."
Sobek (Spotted enemy flag carrier): "Flag carrier spotted."
Sobek (Spotted enemy flag carrier): "I see our flag."
Sobek (Base under attack): "Incoming!"
Sobek (Base under attack): "Need help in the base."
Sobek (Under heavy fire -Non-AR-): "Need backup."
Sobek (Under heavy fire -AR-): "Get your ass over here! Sir."
Sobek (Order: attack): "Cap enemy flag"
Sobek (Order: defend): "Defend our flag"
Sobek (Order: cover): "Cover me"
Sobek (Order: hold position): "Hold here"
Sobek (Order: freelance): "Freelance"
Sobek (Order acknowledgement: attack): "I'll get 'em."
Sobek (Order acknowledgement: defend): "Defending."
Sobek (Order acknowledgement: cover): "Acknowledged."
Sobek (Order acknowledgement: hold position): "Roger that."
Sobek (Order acknowledgement: freelance): "Yessir."
Sobek (Covering -Non-AR-): "On your six."
Sobek (Covering -AR-): "Got your back, Anubis."
Sobek (Pre-match quote): "Who's old now, Anubis?"
Sobek (Pre-match quote): "Watch your step, Anubis!"
Sobek (Attacked in the tutorial): "Your mother didn't teach you that..."
Sobek (Attacked in the tutorial): "Aw, come on!"
Sobek (Attacked in the tutorial): "Ouch!"
Sobek (Attacked in the tutorial): "Friendly fire!"

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