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"When armed, this trap waits for nearby enemies, then sends a swarm of spider-like robots to attack. The robots dig into their targets, then detonate, and are extremely dangerous in packs. The AVRiL Longbow's laser designation system can be used to guide these spider robots from the trap towards distant enemies."
- UT3 manual

The Spidermine Trap is a deployable item found in Unreal Tournament 3.

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When deployed, a housing structure (the "Trap") for spider mines is dropped. It contains 15 spider mines and can't be destroyed directly. It will vanish after all of its mines have been destroyed or its lifetime has run out. When an enemy approaches the trap, it starts releasing spider mines, which will attempt to hunt down enemy players and vehicles.

Spider mines "scurry" towards their target and attempt to leap at it. If they hit a player or vehicle, they blow up. Players getting killed by a spider mine hit will see a mine crawling onto their face and drill into it. Without any targets nearby, spider mines return to their "home" trap. You can easily destroy spider mines by hitting them once with any kind of weapon. Just make sure they are not too close yet, because they will blow up when destroyed.

The AVRiL's secondary fire mode can be used to give the spider mines a location to scurry to. If there are less than eight mines out to control, traps with a line of sight to the target location will spawn additional mines in short intervals.

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