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These items might have been considered at some point, as there is proof of them in betas or screenshots, but for some reason were not featured in any Unreal game.
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The Squid is a underwater monster that was cut from Unreal.

Overview Edit

The Squid is similar to an Earth squid, but has only six arms instead of eight, and no tentacles at all. The creature is mostly dark green, but has red eyes and suckers.

The Squid attacks its enemy by advancing and flailing its arms at it. After this attack, the Squid retreats to another position while releasing black oil which makes it slightly harder to see. After a while, the Squid will begin another assault.

If for any reason the Squid itself ends up outside of the water, it will jump like mad, trying to return to its own environment. Unlike the Devilfish, squids don't die after long periods of time on land.

Tips and tricks Edit

  • The Squid is vulnerable to any weapon, and can easily be defeated from the safety of nearby dry land.

Trivia Edit

  • Squids were originally planned to make appearances in Bluff Eversmoking and Dasa Mountain Pass. The monster is fully functional, and can be used in user-made maps and mods, or summoned in the regular game.


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