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The Stinger is a weapon from the Unreal series. In later installments, the Stinger appears in the form of a Stinger Minigun.

Overview Edit

It was originally designed to be a mining tool by the Liandri Mining Corporation. It launches small tarydium shards to carve away unwanted rock. It was discovered to be a decent offensive device and was weaponized. Primary fire immediately causes the gun to fire Tarydium shards at a quick rate. Secondary fire makes the Stinger shoot out loads of shards at a time, but has a slow rate of fire.

Unreal and Unreal Mission Pack: Return to Na Pali Edit

"Proving that hostility is the mother of invention, the Stinger is actually a Tarydium mining tool converted to a deadly weapon. In primary fire mode, this weapon demands a relatively high degree of marksmanship, but the wider projectile spread of the secondary fire mode requires considerably less precision.

Primary Fire: Fast, narrow stream of Tarydium shards.
Secondary Fire: Spurt of five shards at once, slow reload."
- Unreal manual

The Stinger's primary function is a projectile-based machine-gun, throwing out a steady and fairly accurate stream of blue tarydium crystal shards. It can also throw out a half a dozen shards in one wide-angle spread shot, doing medium damage at close range; unfortunately, this shot causes a significant delay before the weapon can be fired again.

The Stinger holds an interesting place in the arsenal of Unreal: as a rapid-fire weapon it's less powerful than the Minigun and can be harder to score hits with compared to that hitscan weapon; as a "shotgun" it's weaker than the Flak Cannon and tends to have a shorter effective range. Balancing this is its early availability and plentiful ammo in the original campaign.

Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict Edit

"The stinger is a Liandri mining tool that fires shards of Tarydium crystal. The primary fire shoots these shards at an alarming rate. Continuous fire causes the stinger to overheat, leading to a catalytic process that makes the Tarydium shards even more deadly.
The alt-fire shoots larger, semi-sapient shards that will veer towards a locked-on opponent."
- Weapon description

UC2's Stinger is similar to that of Unreal, but has some added features. Holding down the trigger of the primary fire mode for a while causes the weapons fire to do more damage. The alternate fire mode launches shards to have limited homing capabilities. Like all UC2 weapons the Stinger does not have unique ammo, but uses the Energy Ammo type.

Liandri Rivet Gun Edit

"Modified construction tool that rapid fires red-hot rivets. Can also fire a spike to stake opponents to the wall."
- Weapon description

The male Liandri robots (Corrosion, Raptor and Syzygy) have a starting weapon which is basically a Stinger in all but name and visual design.

Unreal Tournament 3 Edit

"Replacing the Minigun in this year's Tournament, the 'Stinger' is actually a Liandri mining tool converted into military service. The Stinger fires shards of unprocessed Tarydium crystal at an alarming rate, raking opponents with a storm of deadly needles. The alternate fire shoots larger hunks of crystal that can knock back an opponent, sometimes even pinning them to walls."
- Weapon description

Primary Fire
Rapidly fires unprocessed Tarydium crystal shards. This mode is like traditional miniguns, with hitscan shots and lots of random spread. The first shots fired have slightly longer delays between them, corresponding to fire rates of about 5.8/s, 6.3/s, 7.0/s, 7.7/s and 8.7/s respectively. The full fire rate is reached after about 0.72s. (0.79s for consoles)
Secondary Fire
Fires large, visible chunks of Tarydium. This mode resembles the original Stinger: it's projectiles are certianly not instant hit, so you will have to lead your target a bit. However, it does have a fair bit of knockback, as well as the ability to pin opponents to the walls with a killing shot. As these shots follow a perfect line with no spread, they are useful against distant stationary or slow targets.

UT3 combines the Stinger with the Minigun to create the Stinger Minigun, with a minigun's primary fire mode but a secondary that resembles the Stinger's primary.

Its primary firing mode acts as a standard gatling-style gun, slowly spinning up as it fires and shaving off small shards of Tarydium from the reserve. Secondary fire slices off bigger shards, doing more damage, at the cost of firing speed and accuracy. It appears to have nine barrels, in groups of three. If you fire at a enemy for long enough with the secondary fire mode, you can pin them to a wall.

Unreal Tournament 4 Edit

Primary fire
Rapid fire hitscan - good for trackins moving targets. Very deadly with good aim.
Alternate fire
Slower firing large shards with proximity detonation, good for long range suppression.

The Stinger Minigun remains largely unchanged from UT3.

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  • The Stinger has never made an appearance in any PC title running on Unreal Engine 2.

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