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The Stone Titan is a miniboss appearing in Unreal and Unreal Mission Pack: Return to Na Pali.

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Stone Titans are a rarer subspecies of the Titan found on Na Pali, which have grey, stone skin, and greater endurance to weapon fire. They have the same abilities of a regular Titan, but are stronger.

The Stone Titan is first encountered at Velora Pass. Seated immobile on a large throne, it will not move until the player grabs the Dispersion Pistol powerup on the table before it.

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  • An often overlooked strategy in Velora Pass is to awaken the Titan, raise the bridge by stepping above the button, wait until the bridge raises, pass it, bait the Titan into stepping on it, and then lower the bridge. This causes the Titan to get damaged by the lava and die without any waste of ammunition.

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