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The Super Health Pack (also called Big Keg O' Health) is a health item found in the Unreal series.

Overview Edit

When picked up, this item grants a player 100 health points up to a maximum of 199, ignoring the default 100 capacity. It's often placed as a powerup found in hard-to-reach places, hidden corners, and on occasion, dangling above hazards.

With the high amount of health given, it is placed more frequently in multiplayer, and like the Shield Belt, in hard-to-reach, dangerous, or hidden locations. With the addition of Health Vials and a lowered maximum health of 199, the Super Health is less useful than in Unreal, but is still used by players with low health to quickly re-join a fight.

Appearances Edit

Unreal/Return to Na Pali Edit

"Boosts your health by 100 units. Don’t waste Superhealth by using it when you are close to full health (200 units). Wait until you need a big health boost before you pick it up. (Note: you can not exceed 100 health without one of these.)"
Unreal manual

The Super Health Pack is the most powerful health pickup in the game. It is a container of blue fluid that, when consumed, can give the user a hundred more health than they previously had up to a maximum of 200. It is impossible to exceed 100 health without the use of a Super Health.

Unreal Tournament Edit

"The Keg O' Health gives you 100 health points, up to a maximum of 199."
UT manual

Unreal Championship/Unreal Tournament 2003/Unreal Tournament 2004 Edit

"A new lease on life, 100 health points up to the maximum of the character species."
UC manual

Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict Edit

"Boosts the combatant's health to the maximum."
UC2 manual

Unreal Tournament 3 Edit

"The massive 'Keg O' Health' completely heals the body. It can take the body's health beyond normal limits, making the soldier able to withstand even more punishment before untimely death."
UT3 manual

Unreal Tournament 4 Edit

"Awards 100 HP on top of current HP, up to a max of 199."
Tutorial level

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