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The Super Shock Rifle, also known as the Instagib Rifle or the Enhanced Shock Rifle, is a weapon in the Unreal series. It is the primary weapon used by players during matches while running the Instagib mutator.


The Super Shock Rifle is a modified Shock Rifle with effects similar to a Shock Rifle charged with an Energy Amplifier. Unlike the merely charged Shock Rifle, however, the Super Shock Rifle instantly kills an enemy and blows them to pieces "gibbing" them, hence the name of the gametype and mutator.

Instead of the usual blueish-purple beam, a powered up Shock Rifle will shoot a red beam or, if used on the blue team in Unreal Tournament 2003 or later, deep blue beam. The weapon's alternate fire will function in exactly the same way, except in the case of Unreal Tournament's Assault gametype, where only the alternative fire can destroy objectives.

Depending on the game and mutator, the Instagib Rifle's beam is either stopped as soon as it hits an enemy player, or will burn right through every player it encounters, allowing instant Multikill awards. In the original Unreal Tournament. the beam caused a small explosion at its point of impact. In Unreal Tournament 2003 and 2004, the weapon can be used with a sniper scope as alternate fire, making it utterly unstoppable at long range in the hands of a skilled sniper.

The "Zoom Instagib" mutator in Unreal Tournament 2003 and Unreal Tournament 2004 adds a zooming functionality for the Rifle, making it even more useful.

The Betrayal gamemode in Unreal Tournament 3 uses another variation where the Rifle has two modes: the regular one, red-colored, which only frags enemies, and the alternate, blue one, which only frags allies.

Tips and tricks[]

  • The Instagib Rifle does a lot, but not an infinite amount of damage, so it may be possible to survive being hit by a Super Shock Rifle:
    • In the original UT, however, this is completely impossible, as the weapon deals 1000 points of damage, more than enough to kill a player with full armor and 199 health points.
    • In UT2003 and 2004, using the Booster adrenaline combo to increase health and shield power to full can make the player survive a single hit (because damage is only 300 points).
    • The UT3 Super Shock Rifle deals 400 damage, and certain Deathmatch maps like DM-Deimos and DM-HeatRay spawn vehicles which can survive a hit.


  • In Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict, the Super Shock Rifle is, instead, a modified Sniper Rifle. The weapon is different in the way that it no longer requires ammo, meaning it has an infinite amount of shots. The alternate fire, like the Super Shock Rifle in 2004 with the Zoom Instagib mutator, allows its user to zoom.


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