"Emitting a solid state laser for the Phoenix Bomber to target, the single-shot Target Painter allows the autonomous dropping of a massive payload of conventional ordinance on a general area. After holding and locking the targeting beam on a specified ground point, the Phoenix will call in and commence surface bombardment."
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The Target Painter is a superweapon from Unreal Tournament 2004.

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The Target Painter can mark a location with the primary fire laser, and zooms with secondary fire. The laser itself is harmless but if pointed at a location for about a second, a Phoenix bomber plane is called in, which passes over the marked location dropping powerful bombs. The plane moves slow and can be shot down before it finishes dropping its bomb load.

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  • Same deal as with the Ion Painter: treat it as a Sniper Rifle, find a well-covered spot and pinpoint to the location you want the Phoenix to travel and bombard. Be aware that, by the time the Painter finishes the call, your hiding spot may be discovered, so be prepared as well.

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  • Of the UT2004 stock maps only Onslaught maps have the Target Painter.

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