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Team Showdown is a gametype in Unreal Tournament 4.

Overview Edit

The gametype is a twist on the classic Clan Arena/Elimination. Before the match starts, each player takes 10-second turns to pick a spawnpoint in the minimap. Which player gets to choose which spawnpoint is based on randomization, with the game making sure that no player is left out from being the first to pick up a point.

After the pick-up stage, the round begins. Players on one team must work to frag all of the enemy team members. Every item in the map is present, but every picked up item (including health and ammo packs) doesn't respawn until the next round begins, hence the importance of picking up the adequate spawnpoint.

There's a TS-specific item, called Overcharge, which spawns 50 seconds before the round ends. It gives a player some boost, but it comes at the cost of the player dying in case of Overcharge wearing off.

Scoring Edit

Teams get a point for winning the round. In case of a tie, the team with the highest amount of health among all of its members is the one which scores a point.

Maplists Edit

Deathmatch maps for Unreal Tournament 4

Tips and tricks Edit

  • Choose carefully your spawnpoint.
  • Coordinate with your team in order to surround the best enemy player and finish them quickly so you can later focus on the weaker players.

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