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"As earth expands in this sector of space, different corporations are establishing colonies on uninhabited planets. They do everything from creating vacation resorts, to mining exotic ores, to terraforming. We in the Terran Colonial Authority patrol between the planets to keep the peace. The corporations try to get away with a lot out here, and they hire mercenary forces to help them get their way. We often find ourselves fighting the mercs to defend civilians who work for their own corporation. If we run into something we can't take on alone, we call in the marines."

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The Terran Colonial Authority or TCA is a police force that operates in human space. It is called upon in cases that do not immediately require military assistance. It was established by the New Earth Government to uphold law and order peacefully on the outer rim of human occupied space. They mostly try to reign in the abuse of power by the various Megacorporations, such as the Liandri and the Izanagi, who sometimes commit serious ethical violations due to the fact that they are far away from any government.

Although the exact date the TCA was formed is unknown, the earliest known reference was made in 2241 at the end of the Strider Wars. This is the time period before Unreal II. The TCA is still around in 2303, the time period of Unreal Tournament 2004.

TCA authority is divided up into jurisdictional sectors, some better staffed, and some seeing more action than others.

The TCA itself controls its own private corporation, Axon Research Corporation, which is in charge of research and development of weapons, technology, and even archeological artifacts for the TCA. Several characters in the game describe the TCA as a very unprestigious organization, and most of the members of the Atlantis crew are wash-outs or rejects of one form or another.

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During the time period of Unreal II: The Awakening, Sector Commander Hawkins is the highest ranking official in an outskirts sector, which includes planets such as: Elara V, Hell, Janus, and the sector's headquarters, Avalon. The game centers around John Dalton, a TCA Marshall, and his crew aboard the TCA Atlantis, who operated in the sector. This crew played a primary role in the incident concerning ancient Artifacts.

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