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"This cumbersome but potent weapon lobs large explosive shells that go off a few seconds after being discharged. The secondary fire ejects a special grenade that detonates when the secondary fire button is hit a second time, or when triggered by another explosion or impact."
- Unreal: RTNP manual

The UMS Grenade Launcher is a weapon from Unreal Mission Pack: Return to Na Pali.

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Invented by the Unified Military Services, the grenade launcher is capable of inflicting massive damage on large targets. It was used by UMS Heavy Weaponiers, once used for bombings.

Primary Fire: Throw a grenade which bounces through the environment. It will explode after three seconds or just on contact of a living being.

Secondary Fire: Similar to the primary fire, the grenade here never explodes by itself (it will pass through enemies). It can only be activated by pressing the secondary fire's button again. In the meanwhile you can also throw a normal grenade after throwing the alternate one. Detonating this latter bomb causes both grenades to explode. The secondary fire is often used for detonating the grenade sooner than the primary fire grenade would, making it somewhat useful at close range.

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  • The Grenade Launcher and the CAR should be your weapons of choice in the Prometheus.

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