UMS Scout shuttle was an aerospace shuttle of unknown class used by Unified Military Services. The shuttle appears in the expansion Return to Na Pali.

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Measuring approximately 8 meters in length, the shuttle is manned by at least one person and has a limited defensive capacity. It is also capable of vertical take-off and comes equipped with a translight drive. At least one of these shuttles was stationed aboard UMS Bodega Bay, which transported Prisoner 849 back onto the planet surface for the operation Talon Hunter. A shuttle of this type can be found docked within the hull of crashed UMS Prometheus though it is likely inoperative. Prisoner 849 found one such shuttles still in working order within Nali mountain fortress with which she managed to escape the planet and helped to destroy the UMS Bodega Bay in the process.

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Trivia Edit

  • The vessel is referred to as Scout within the game files.