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Unreal II: The Awakening is the fifth entry in the Unreal series. It was developed by the now defunct Legend Entertainment and published by Atari, and released on stores on February 4, 2003 for Microsoft Windows. It was later ported to Microsoft's Xbox on February 10, 2004.


"Eight years after the Strider Wars ended, Earth resumed its expansion into space. The central government grew weak, and power passed to the major corporations funding the exploration and exploitation of new planets. Each of these corporations maintained a private force of mercenary soldiers to enforce its will, and law became largely a matter of “Might Makes Right.”

Unreal II – The Awakening opens, you are John Dalton, a Marshal in the Terran Colonial Authority. The TCA is an undermanned police force that patrols the outer reaches of space. Your job is similar to that of a Marshal in the Old West — you are the lone representative of governmental law and order, charged with keeping the peace in a vast and unruly territory."
Unreal II manual


The game is described as a sequel to Unreal, though many of the story elements, including the characters and locations, are entirely unrelated to the original, and you get to progress through the missions as an entirely new character. The presence of the notorious Skaarj in modest numbers is probably the viable reminder of the Unreal universe.

The player controls a former Marine John Dalton, a Terran Colonial Authority Marshal whose job is to patrol remote areas of space, which are far away from any real action. He is called back into service to retrieve seven pieces of an ancient artifact thought to make a powerful weapon when assembled. The plot follows a linear path like many other First Person Shooters, while the character goes to various planets in search of the artifacts. The level design at each location is also linear, with only a certain amount of puzzle solving and key finding.

The environments on each planet are quite diverse, ranging from tropical to desert, bunkers and industrial installations, alien cities and even cavities inside the bodies of aliens. During several missions, the player must hold a location against waves of incoming enemies, in some cases using NPCs as support. Overall it is a short game, comprising only 12 missions.

Development history[]

Main article: Cut content of Unreal II

The game was officially, yet quietly, announced back on October 14, 1998 by Epic Games.[1] Primary development on Unreal II was performed by Legend Entertainment, with some assistance by Epic Games, and published by Atari Games. The official site launched in 2001. Mike Verdu was initially the producer of the game, but left Legend near the end of the year in order to join Electronic Arts, and was replaced by Glen Dahlgren.[2]

Plenty of stuff got cut during the planning stage such as voice over IP and vehicles. VoIP was cut early in the planning stage because it wasn't a priority, and with multiplayer being dumped, it never had a chance to be implemented. As for vehicles, the dev team believed that they should become part of the gameplay from the beginning, and U2 wasn't thought with vehicles in mind.[3] Also, while there would be mod support on release, there wouldn't be cross-support with Unreal Tournament 2003, as the differences between both versions of the Unreal Engine 2 prevented a native crossover between the two titles.[2]

The game was originally meant to be a single player-focused game with multiplayer features, and was advertised as more of an adventure game than a casual blaster. Exactly a half of the game was cut from Unreal II. The multiplayer mode got cut in March 2002 in lieu of the then-Unreal Tournament II (later Unreal Tournament 2003).[4] The content that was cut include three races that includes nine or more enemies (N, Striders, Shian), five weapons (Tractor Beam, Stun Baton, Mind Claw, Shock Rifle and Flak Cannon), seven SP maps, around 10 multiplayer maps and several more multiplayer maps, various graphics, gameplay and sound technologies such as MP3 music player, Co-op support, multiplayer support, dynamic conversation system and armor changing.

Before the release of the game, Dahlgren told BU that the game's version of UnrealEd won't be binary-compatible with the version of the editor which came with UT2003, so it's not possible to use the editor to create levels for UT2003 and viceversa. It was also confirmed that Unreal II and Unreal are set in different universes, and that there won't be a demo.[5] There were also some screenings of the game where a selected bunch of journalists and other press-related people were able to play, but after the last screening, no demo was sent to any media reviewer.[6] Contradicting the "no demo" statement, though, a demo for the game was released on May 1st, 2003, including one level from the campaign.

The initial release date for the game was January 2003, with both Dahlgren and Infogrames declaring that the game was "content complete", with only bug fixing and performance optimization remaining.[6].

Upon release, Unreal II utilized build 2001 of the Unreal Engine 2, at that time the latest version of the Unreal Engine; according to Mark Poesch, they dropped software support in order to embrace the capabilities of the higher performance cards at the time, aiming for full DX8 support.[3] The game uses its own particle and skeletal system which is different from the one used in Unreal Tournament 2003. A lot of the arsenal in Unreal II is particle-based, allowing the dev team to create weapons and effects which weren't possible in the Unreal Engine 1.[7] Unfortunately, according to Matthias Worch, the advantages on technology meant that it was very easy to get lost in the details, and one of the culprits was the TCA Atlantis intermission segments, which cut the action too much; according to him "it never quite felt like it was part of the same game" and due to the emphasis placed on the story, it distracted and took resources from other parts of the game that could have used the extra help (such as many missions that had to be scrapped).[8]

Console version[]

A version for Microsoft's Xbox platform was done by Tantalus[9] and released in February 9, 2003.

Release dates[]

  • February 4, 2003 - Unreal II release
  • December 9, 2003 - eXpanded MultiPlayer (XMP) addon
  • December 9, 2003 - Unreal II SE (PC)
  • December 9, 2003 - Unreal II SE (Xbox)
  • Unreal Anthology
  • Unreal Deal Pack

Post-release content[]

One of the scrapped missions, Solaris Base, was later released for free by Worch himself.[10]

A multiplayer addon called eXpanded Multiplayer was announced in July 2003. A playable standalone demo for this addon was released on December 5th, 2003 and included one map, XMP-Garden. The full version of the addon was released for Unreal II owners.[11] Upon release of this addon, the game utilized build 2226. The game appears to use a different series of build enumerations from the base Unreal Engine, as the XMP release was described as build 6496, with patches to 6497 and 7710 (the latest patch).

Game content[]


Main article: Unreal II: The Awakening Single player

The base game of Unreal II is a single-player mission. A multiplayer addon was released in December 2003, known as XMP (eXpanded Multi-Player).

Single player maps for Unreal II: The Awakening
eXpanded Multiplayer maps for Unreal II: The Awakening


Characters from Unreal II: The Awakening
Major characters:
Minor characters:
Friendly/Passive NPCs:


Dispersion Pistol Grenade Launcher Shotgun Flamethrower Magnum Pistol Shark Rocket Launcher Widowmaker Sniper Rifle Shock Lance Spider Gun Drakk Laser Rifle Takkra Singularity Cannon


Health Pack Energy Pack Health Station Energy Station Field Generator Auto Turret Rocket Turret Proximity Sensor


Raptor Harbinger Juggernaut


Allies, passive creatures and NPCs[]

Light Marine Medium Marine Heavy Marine Parata Seagoat Rammer Kai Flying Snake Hummer Sprout

Monsters and enemies[]

Izarian Light Angel Medium Angel Heavy Angel Light Izanagi Medium Izanagi Heavy Izanagi Light Skaarj Medium Skaarj Heavy Skaarj Light Araknid Medium Araknid Heavy Araknid Mukhogg Snipe Drakk Droid Light Drakk Medium Drakk Drakk Boss Tosc


Main article: Music#Unreal II: The Awakening

Jack Wall (Tommy Tallarico Studios), Clint Bajakian (Tommy Tallarico Studios), Jeremy Soule (Artistry Entertainment), Crispin Hands (Artistry Entertainment), Brian Min (Weddington Productions), Chance Thomas, Richard Schneider and original Unreal composer Alexander Brandon are credited for working on the music in Unreal II.

Title & Author(s) Duration Used in
"Intro" by Unknown artist
Unreal II Intro, TCA Atlantis
"PA Hell" by Unknown artist
01:25 Avalon (preface), Credits
"Tutorial A" by Unknown artist
00:46 TCA Training Course
"Drakk Hive" by Unknown artist
03:29 Sanctuary Landing
"Sanctuary" by Unknown artist
Mining Complex Entrance, Mining Complex, Power Plant, The Dorian Gray
"Marshal Outro" by Unknown artist
00:36 Swamp
"PAHell" by Unknown artist
00:44 Hell Landing
"Hell" by Unknown artist
Hell - Descent, Hell - Discovery, Hell - Desolation, Hell - Disclosure
"Return from Hell" by Unknown artist
00:32 Return from Hell
"Ambient Music 1" by Unknown artist
01:28 Acheron Landing
"Acheron" by Unknown artist
"Sulferon" by Alexander Brandon
Severnaya, Secret Izanagi Facility, Secret Izanagi Facility - Defend
"Kalydon/Liandri Angels" by Unknown artist
Kalydon, Polaris Geologics Research Rooftop
"PA Short Music" by Unknown artist
00:20 Janus Landing
"Mission 09 Outro" by Unknown artist
00:41 Polaris Geologics Research Rooftop
"Na Koja Abad Ambient" by Unknown artist
03:46 Izanagi Xeno Research Facility - Outside, Izanagi Xeno Research Facility
"Drakk Awaken" by Unknown artist
00:59 Izanagi Xeno Research Facility - Excavation
"Drakk Awaken" by Unknown artist
00:18 Izanagi Xeno Research Facility - Excavation
"Na Koja Abad Intro" by Unknown artist
01:32 NC962VII - Suspicion
"Sanctuary Ambient" by Unknown artist
03:21 NC962VII - Subjugation
"Drakk Boss" by Alexander Brandon
NC962VII - Solitude
"Drakk Cinematics" by Unknown artist
00:34 NC962VII - Solitude
"Na Koja Abad Fight loop 2" by Unknown artist
02:01 NC962VII - Solitude
"Return to Avalon" by Unknown artist
00:47 Avalon Landing
"Mission 10 Final Scene" by Unknown artist
00:58 Avalon
"Burst Transmission" by Unknown artist
01:21 The Vault
"Unreal II" by Unknown artist
00:51 The Vault
"Duty Calls" by Unknown artist
01:40 The Dorian Gray
"PD Hell" by Unknown artist
02:41 Ending Sequence
"Death 1" by Unknown artist
00:18 Played when the player dies
"Death 2" by Unknown artist
00:18 Played when the player dies
"Death 3" by Unknown artist
00:18 Played when the player dies
"Death 4" by Unknown artist
00:18 Played when the player dies
"Tension 2" by Alexander Brandon
01:02 Leftover from the Unreal Engine 2 Tech Demo
"The Skaarj" by Alexander Brandon
01:52 Leftover from the Unreal Engine 2 Tech Demo
"Ambient Music 2" by Unknown artist
01:05 Unused
"Ambient Music 3" by Unknown artist
02:01 Unused
"Ambient Music 4" by Unknown artist
01:42 Unused
"Atlantis Shotdown" by Unknown artist
00:58 Atlantis shotdown cutscene[Verify]
"Approach" by Unknown artist
"Caution" by Unknown artist
02:00 Unused
"Credits Music" by Unknown artist
05:12 Unreal II Credits[Verify]
"Drakk Awaken" by Unknown artist
00:59 Awakening of the Drakk cutscene on Na Koja Abad[Verify]
"Face Grabber" by Unknown artist
01:55 Unused
"Hawkins Death" by Unknown artist
01:40 Hawkins death cutscene[Verify]
"Hybrid" by Unknown artist
01:21 Unused
"Mission 02 Idle" by Unknown artist
01:38 Unused
"Na Koja Abad Fight loop" by Unknown artist
01:09 Na Koja Abad fight theme[Verify]
"Na Koja Abad Temporary" by Unknown artist
06:36 Na Koja Abad ambient theme[Verify]
"Mission 01" by Unknown artist
03:14 Unused
"Hazardous Water 3" by Unknown artist
03:08 Unused
"Hazardous Water 2" by Unknown artist
01:55 Unused
"Hazardous Water 1" by Unknown artist
02:07 Unused
"Return from Acheron" by Unknown artist
00:47 Return from Avalon cutscene[Verify]
"PD Triumph Music" by Unknown artist
01:42 Unused
"Rhythm" by Unknown artist
02:14 Unused
"Tension" by Unknown artist
00:55 Unused
"Upward" by Unknown artist
01:34 Unused


While Unreal II received above average review scores from most of the major game news outlets, it was not received well at all. The most common complaints were that, while it looked pretty, the game did not have much depth nor any replayability to speak of. The game did gain somewhat of a cult following sometime after the XMP addon was released, however, this community focused more on the multiplayer aspect of the game, with the single-player campaign receiving very little time or attention.

Most people dislike Unreal II in name only. The game had relatively little to do with the original game, including leaving out any characters, location, and most enemies from the first game. Some people agree that the game is fine as a game, but is not by any means a sequel to Unreal.

Essential Files[]

Main article: Essential files#Unreal II: The Awakening
Main article: Bonus content#Unreal II: The Awakening

Here you can find a list of official and unofficial, yet essential, files for your game.


Credits of Unreal II: The Awakening
Legend Entertainment
Project Director, Producer, Game Design Mike Verdu
Project Director, Producer, Game Design Glen Dahlgren
Level Design
Marsh, Hell, Acheron, Severnaya, Obolus, Dorian Gray, Effects, Game Design Scott Dalton
Tutorial, Sanctuary, Sulferon, Janus, Avalon, Game Design Grayson Edge
Na Koja Abad, Drakk Homeworld, Vault, Dorian Gray (mission)), Additional Effects, Game Design James Parkman
Tutorial, Atlantis, Avalon, Additional Programming, Game Design Matthias Worch
Art Lead, Terrain Textures, Additional UI/HUD Assets Paul Mock
Art Travis Doggett
Character/Weapons Skins Kevin Johnstone
Textures, Additional Concept Art, Skyboxes Dawid Michalczyk
Character/Weapon Concept and Design, Additional Skins, UI/HUD Design/Assets Anthony Pereira
Animation Lead, Additional Character Modeling, Skeletal Animation Scripting Hugh Riley
Weapon Animation/Modeling, Character Modeling John Sheffield
Textures, Weapons Skins, Additional Cut-Scene Assets Marc Tetreault
Cinematics, Additional Animation Ted Warnock
3D modeling Level Architecture/Assets, Additional 3D Modeling and Texturing Characters/Weapons Robert Wisnewski
Technical Lead. Producer. QA Director Mark Poesch
Dialog System, Additional AI Mike Baldwin
Asset Management, Localization, Additional Programming Sam Brown
AI Lead, Additional Gameplay Mike Fox
Skeletal Animation System, Systems Programming, Additional Character Design and Implementation Chris Hargrove
Game/Systems Programming, Game Design Aaron Leiby
Final Story, Character Dialog, Voice Direction Bob Bates
Voice Integration, Additional Dialog, Associate Producer Grant Roberts
Quality Assurance
QA Manager, Associate Producer, Unreal II Website Craig Lafferty
Information Systems
Network Administration, Localization/Programming support Duane Beck
Office Manager, Extra-Special Thanks Rosie Freeman
Additional Scripting & Cinematics Peter Carlson
Additional Level Design (Severnaya) Ryan Pendleton
Additional QA (Infogrames On-Site Testing Team) Carl Vogel, Josh Strom, Robert MacRae, Scott Rollins, Wilfredo Dimas, Milton Laureano, Arif Sinan, Kim Jardin, Howell Selburn, Peter Sodbinow, Joe Taylor
Additional Art Fabrizio Bianchi, Christian Bradley, Karl Heck, Heuristic Park, Martin Sawkins, Joel Walden
Additional Programming Jess Crable, Warren Marshall
Music and SoundEffects
For Tommy Tallarico Studios, Inc.
Music Jack Wall, Clint Bajakian
Sound Design and Effects Joey Kuras
For Artistry Entertainment, Inc.
Music Jeremy Soule, Crispin Hands
Obolus Guitars Saki Kaskas
For Weddington Productions
Executive Director Brian Min
Sound Designer Mark Mangini, Steve Lee
Additional Music and Sound Effects
Music Chance Thomas, Richard Schneider
Sound Effects Eric Heberling
Voice Production
Voice Management Kathleen Bober
Post-Production Andy Frazier
Voiceover Cast
Marshal John Dalton Michael Mack
Aida Jackie Underwood
Isaak Jeff Baker
Ne'Ban Grant Roberts
Sector Commander Michael Kramer
Ezechiel Meyer Jeff Baker
Danny Miller Clinton Brandhagen
Raff Chris Stezin
Computer Voice Susan Allenbach
Marines, Mercs, & Scientists Jeff Baker, Clinton Brandhagen, Sam Elmore, Leo Erickson, Rick Fouchez, Wes Johnson, James Kinstle, Michael Kramer, Steve Lee, John Lescault, Tim Marrone, Scott Morgan, Sean Pratt, Jefferson Russell, Stephen Schmidt, Chris Stezin, Fred Strother, Bill Thomas, Christopher Walker
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For Webtone Studios
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Engineering Steve Duell
Epic Games
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Infogrames Europe
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Infogrames Studios Asia
Production Services
Localization Manager Paul Motion
Infogrames Asia Pacific
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Translation (Korea) Jongwoo Han
Translation (Taiwan) Ken H. Chang
For Infogrames Japan KK Shinji Yoshikawa, Hiroyuki Yamaguchi
For Cyberfront Shigeyuki Sato


  • During the Community Chat at BeyondUnreal, programmer Grant Roberts jokingly told the BU goers that he had an idea for "a 3D action platformer starring Ne'Ban called "Slug Saga: The Adventures of Ne'Ban"", but it was shot down quickly.[9]
  • Jack Wall, who composed Unreal II's soundtrack, went on to compose the soundtrack for three games from BioWare: Jade Empire (2005), Mass Effect (2007), Mass Effect 2 (2010).
  • Many fans theorize that the mysterious planet that John Dalton flies towards at the end of the game, is none other than Na Pali.
  • WatchMojo.com gave it a honorable mention in their "Top 10 Forgotten First-Person Shooters" list.

Top 10 Forgotten First Person Shooters


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