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The subject of this article appeared in Unreal Mission Pack: Return to Na Pali.IBM PCLinuxMac OS Unreal Mission Pack I: Return to Na Pali is an expansion pack for Unreal, released on May 31, 1999. The expansion pack was bundled with the full game of Unreal in a package called Unreal Gold in January 2000.


"Escaping Na Pali was impossible. Going back is insane."

"You faced the worst of the Skaarj Empire and lived to tell about it. Your one chance now? They call it a salvage run. You call it another trip to Hell. Get ready."
Box art description

Development history[]

Return to Na Pali began development sometime from mid- to late 1998 by Legend Entertainment, not as a new game, but as an expansion and homage to the original Unreal, which meant understanding what had made the original Unreal successful. According to Matthias Worch, the pack was supposed to be quickly created using many of the leftover art and assets from the development of Unreal, and nearly all of the levels that were cut from Unreal. On top of that, the development team also added a few new weapons, a few new enemies, and new levels.[1]

However, this didn't mean that things weren't cut from the game: the levels Morose, Nexus, Nexus End, FHub6, Cryox, Velora Cellars and Soledad were still left out of the final product.

Unique to the pack (and something carried over to Unreal II: The Awakening) are the intermission sections, which lead designer Mike Verdu wanted to add in order to tie the different elements of the game together. Also, some of the arenas were specifically designed to showcase the enemies' navigation and combat skills.[1]

No demo was ever released for this expansion pack.

Release dates[]

RTNP was released to stores on May 31, 1999. Eventually, it was packaged up with Unreal and released as Unreal Gold, on January 21, 2000. Unreal Gold later became part of the Totally Unreal package, as well as Unreal Anthology and the Unreal Deal Pack.

Post-release content[]

Another level in the works, DmDespair, was cut as well from the final product, however, it was later released as a separate download, earning CliffyB's Ownage award in the process.

Game content[]


Main article: Unreal Mission Pack: Return to Na Pali Single player

The campaign of RTNP takes place about five years after the events in Unreal, and puts you, Prisoner 849, back on the planet Na Pali to find another crashed spacecraft. It can be played in both single-player mode and cooperative mode.

In addition to the campaign, which features both solo and coop modes, Return to Na Pali features eight multiplayer modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, King of the Hill, Darkmatch, Marine Match, Cloak Match, Gravity Match and Terran Weapon Match. With the exception of Darkmatch, the rest of the multiplayer gametypes use the Deathmatch maps.

Single player maps for Unreal Mission Pack: Return to Na Pali
Deathmatch maps for Unreal Mission Pack: Return to Na Pali


Characters from Unreal Mission Pack: Return to Na Pali
Minor characters:
Friendly/Passive NPCs:



Dispersion Pistol Automag Stinger ASMD Eightball Gun Flak Cannon Razorjack GES BioRifle Rifle Minigun


Combat Assault Rifle Grenade Launcher Rocket Launcher



Bandages Health Pack Nali Healing Fruit Super Health Kevlar Suit Assault Vest Shield Belt Antitoxin Suit Asbestos Suit Universal Translator Flare Flashlight Nali Fruit Seed Amplifier Acoustic Dampener Invisibility SCUBA Gear ForceField VoiceBox SearchLight Jump Boots


Cloaking Device

Monsters and creatures[]


Nali Nali Priest Nali Bird Nali Cow Nali Rabbit Brute Lesser Brute Behemoth Skaarj Pupae Skaarj Scout Skaarj Berserker Skaarj Assassin Skaarj Lord Skaarj Warrior Ice Skaarj Skaarj GunnerSkaarj Infantry Skaarj Sniper Skaarj Officer Skaarj Trooper Bloblet Mercenary Mercenary Elite Krall Krall Elite Manta Cave Manta Fly Gasbag Giant Gasbag Tentacle Slith Biterfish Devilfish Titan Stone Titan Warlord


Predator Spinner UMS Space Marine Giant Manta Giant Skaarj


Main article: Music#Unreal: Return to Na Pali

As with Unreal and Unreal Tournament, Alexander Brandon and Michiel van den Bos are in charge of the music, with an extra contribution from Paul "Khyron" Schultz. In addition to reusing many tracks from Unreal, RTNP added a number of tracks. The majority of these tracks had been released prior to Unreal.

Title & Author(s) Duration Used in
"Flight Castleby Alexander Brandon
00:51 RTNP/Unreal Gold Flyby sequence
"Return to Na Pali" by Alexander Brandon and Michiel van den Bos
03:26 RTNP intro cutscene
"Interlude IIby Alexander Brandon
04:46 Second intro cutscene
"Intermissionby Alexander Brandon
00:30 Intermission Scenes
"Twilight" by Alexander Brandon
03:50 Edge of Na Pali
"Neve's Crossingby Alexander Brandon
04:36 Neve's Crossing
"Nali Chantby Alexander Brandon
03:48 The Eldora Well
"Hub 2by Michiel van den Bos
04:40 Glathriel Village (Part 1), Glathriel Village (Part 2)
"WarGateby Alexander Brandon
04:58 Glathriel Village (Part 2)
"Star Seekerby Alexander Brandon
02:06 Approaching UMS Prometheus
"Moroseby Michiel van den Bos
04:44 UMS Prometheus
"ALFby Alexander Brandon
02:05 UMS Prometheus
"Dirtby Paul Schultz
04:03 Inside UMS Prometheus, Unreal Gold credits
"Hub 3by Michiel van den Bos
08:12 Spire Valley
"Nagomi Passage (Night)by Michiel van den Bos
05:07 Nagomi Passage
"Unreal Cryptby Alexander Brandon
05:11 Velora Temple
"Nagomi Passage (Day)" by Michiel van den Bos
02:49 Nagomi Passage (Dawn)
"Foundryby Alexander Brandon
06:19 Foundry Tarydium Plant
"Bounds of Foundryby Michiel van den Bos
05:11 Bounds of Foundry
"Watcher of the Skiesby Alexander Brandon
02:56 Watcher of the Skies
"Gala's Peak" by Alexander Brandon
04:14 Gala's Peak
"Mountain Fortressby Michiel van den Bos
05:01 Escape from Na Pali
"Extreme END" by Alexander Brandon
01:16 Escape from Na Pali
"Escape From Na Pali" by Alexander Brandon and Michiel van den Bos
02:41 RTNP Ending sequence


Return to Na Pali received mixed to positive reviews, with most critics praising the gameplay and new setting, but criticizing the large amount of bugs, the broken co-op play, and bad voice acting.


Credits of Unreal Mission Pack: Return to Na Pali
Legend Entertainment
Producer Mike Verdu
Technical Advisor Mark Poesch
Level Designers David Kelvin, Matthias Worch
Additionl Level Design Mick Beard, Warren Marshall
Programmers Duane Beck, Jess Crable
Art Joel Walden
Music Alexander Brandon
Sound Effects Alexander Brandon, Eric Heberling, Tommy Tallarico Studios
Sound Engineers Andy Frasier, David Kelvin
Tester and Associate Producer Craig Lafferty
Candy and Paychecks Rosie Freeman
Heuristic Park Graphic Production Studios
Models and animation Chris Appel, Paul Neuhaus, Blanca Anson, Suzanne Snelling, Joon Choi, Nathan Cheever, Chris 'Xyle' Roberts, Robert Wisnewski
GT Interactive
Producers Jason Schreiber, Cormac Russell
Director of Sales and Marketing Tony Kee
Product Manager Barbara Gleeson
Director of Product Development Services Mary Steer
QA Manager Steve Knopf
Lead Tester Tim Hess
Testers Joe Orr, AJ Pardilla, Chris Dunn, Aaron Harris, Tomasi Akimeta Jr., Keith Moran, Doug Price
Director of Creative Services Leslie Mills
Creative Director Vic Merritt
Production Coordinator Liz Fierro
Graphic Designer Michael Marrs
Localization Manager North America Mark Cárter
Manual Writer/Editor Pete Witcher
GT Interactive Europe
Localization Manager Europe Neil McKenna
QA Manager Graham Axford
QA Supervisor Tim Wileman
Code Supervisor Kolin Tregaskes
Lead Tester Navino Evans
Testers Germaine Mendes, Alexander Stoikou, Alfred Bailey, Paul McGinniss, Wayne Gatley


  • The original release of RTNP required the full version of Unreal or Unreal Tournament to install and play.
  • The song "Opal" was included with Unreal, but was unused.
  • In the original release, the title (pictured below) had a unique font, but in Unreal Gold, it was changed to the "loading" font.


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