Unreal Mission Pack: Return to Na Pali is an expansion pack for Unreal, released on May 31, 1999. The expansion pack was bundled with the full game of Unreal in a package called Unreal Gold, released in 2001.

Synopsis Edit

"Escaping Na Pali was impossible. Going back is insane."

"You faced the worst of the Skaarj Empire and lived to tell about it. Your one chance now? They call it a salvage run. You call it another trip to Hell. Get ready."
- Box art description

Development history Edit

Return to Na Pali began development sometime from mid- to late 1998 by Legend Entertainment, using many of the left over art and assets from the development of Unreal, and nearly all of the levels that were cut from Unreal.

No demo was ever released for this expansion pack.

Release dates Edit

RTNP was released to stores on May 31, 1999. Eventually, it was packaged up with Unreal and released as Unreal Gold, on August 30, 2001. Unreal Gold later became part of the Totally Unreal package, as well as Unreal Anthology.

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Main article: Unreal Mission Pack: Return to Na Pali Single player

The campaign of RTNP takes place about five years after the events in Unreal, and puts you, the Prisoner 849, back on the planet Na Pali to find another crashed spacecraft. It can be played in both single player mode and cooperative mode.

In addition to the campaign, which features both solo and coop modes, Return to Na Pali features eight multiplayer modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, King of the Hill, Darkmatch, Marine Match, Cloak Match, Gravity Match and Terran Weapon Match. With the exception of Darkmatch, the rest of the multiplayer gametypes use the Deathmatch maps.

Single player maps for Unreal Mission Pack: Return to Na Pali
Approaching UMS PrometheusBounds of FoundryEdge of Na PaliEscape from Na PaliFoundry Tarydium PlantGala's PeakGlathriel Village (Part 1)Glathriel Village (Part 2)Inside UMS PrometheusNagomi PassageNagomi Passage (Dawn)Neve's CrossingReturn to Na Pali IntroSpire ValleyThe Eldora WellUMS PrometheusVelora TempleWatcher of the Skies
Deathmatch maps for Unreal Mission Pack: Return to Na Pali

Characters Edit

Monsters and creatures Edit

Enemies introduced in this pack are marked with bold.

Weapons Edit

Dispersion Pistol Automag Stinger Combat Assault Rifle ASMD Grenade Launcher Eightball Gun Rocket Launcher Flak Cannon Razorjack GES BioRifle Rifle Minigun

Items Edit

Bandages Health Pack Nali Healing Fruit Super Health Kevlar Suit Assault Vest Shield Belt Antitoxin Suit Asbestos Suit Universal Translator Flare Flashlight Nali Fruit Seed Amplifier Acoustic Dampener Invisibility SCUBA Gear ForceField VoiceBox SearchLight Jump Boots Cloaking Device

Soundtrack Edit

Main article: Music#Unreal: Return to Na Pali

As with Unreal and Unreal Tournament, Alexander Brandon and Michiel van den Bos are in charge of the music, with an extra contribution from Paul "Khyron" Schultz. In addition to reusing many tracks from Unreal, RTNP added a number of tracks. The majority of these tracks had been released prior to Unreal.

Reception Edit

Return to Na Pali received mixed to positive reviews, with most critics praising the gameplay and new setting, but criticizing the large amount of bugs, the broken co-op play, and bad voice acting.

Trivia Edit

  • The original release of RTNP required the full version of Unreal or Unreal Tournament to install and play.
  • The song Opal was included with Unreal, but was unused.

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