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"You survived the wreck of the Vortex Rikers and fought your way off Na Pali, only to find yourself trapped in a stranded life pod, waiting to die. You thought anything would be better than a slow suffocation in orbit... until you were rescued and sent back down to the surface.

The salvage mission they assigned you to actually sounded appealing at first... a chance for revenge, to return with plenty of weapons, ammo, armor, health packs... maybe even some backup. But the expectation of any support was just a dream... like your hope for freedom. Your so-called rescuers sent you back to Na Pali with nothing more than your dispersion pistol and a heart full of bitter resentment. Back to where the Brutes, the Titans and the other Skaarj watchdogs would be waiting. Waiting, but not suspecting. Not even their twisted alien logic could predict that the one creature who escaped, the human who took so many lives and so many risks just to leave Na Pali behind would actually return. But you have returned. And so it begins... again."
RTNP manual

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Unreal: Return to Na Pali is a mission pack, the escape pod you used to escape has been rescued by a Human Cruiser. Your saviors send you back with new supplies to find another ship. After you find the ship, it is known they were just using you. So now they want to kill you, and you must escape the planet once again. The game introduces 4 new monsters, 3 new weapons, and 3 new items. The game also introduces 4 new gametypes, and many new maps. A complete new campaign, set across the planet.

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Enemies introduced in this pack are marked with bold.

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For any information about a specific level, click on the level in one of the sub-categories to go to the specified level page. Each level will eventually have a walkthrough to accompany the page played at the medium difficulty (the statistics are also at medium difficulty, others have to be converted manually by the user). For those wishing to simply have a guide to complete a level without information on enemies, weapons, or details, simply read the Quick Level Completion. A gallery shall also show each major location of the levels. Glitches talk about things that can change the gameplay or textures that look awkward in the game due to misalligning or such. The trivia panel shall give further information on a level (such as level inspiration or stuff that accidentially is missing from the game). A pre-release section finishes off the walkthroughs by talking about stuff in the alphas/beta that were not shown in the final game (not the other way around, as it is obvious a lot was still missing in the beta).

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