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"PROPHET’S POWER: Haute, the lowly Na Pali slave who would soon be called the Prophet, had fled to safety in the desolate hill country. There he had found the hidden wreckage of an ancient spacecraft, and even more important, found the artificial intelligence that would come to be called the Prophet’s Friend. From that day forward the planet Na Pali would never be the same. In a vision, Friend warned Haute of the coming invasion of his world and guided Haute and his companions in their resistance against the domination of the Skaarj. But only Haute’s own natural abilities would give his people the slim chance of winning the final battle that would determine the fate of their entire world."
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  • Prophet's Power is numbered as the second book in the series, but is actually a prequel to the first, Unreal Hard Crash; thus it is harder for readers to understand what happened in the story.


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