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The Single Player portion of Unreal Tournament 2003 details the champion's rise to fame.

Overview Edit

The Single player mode of Unreal Tournament 2003 is similar to that of Unreal Tournament: you start on your own, beating opponents, then leading a team, then facing against the champion in an epic duel for the title. There are many new features this time, though: for starters, there is no Deathmatch ladder, instead there's a Team Deathmatch one taking its place (aside of the obvious replacements of Double Domination instead of Domination and Bombing Run instead of Assault) and a qualifications round is also in place. This time, instead of forming part of a predefined team, you draft who your teammates are going to be and face them all in a previous match before the Tournament proper.

Teams Edit

Team name Members
Apocalypse Brutalis, Succubus, Lexa, Cinder, Mr. Crow, Mystique, Rampage, Rust
Black Legion Ravage, Fate, Harlequin, Mortis, Domina, Gryphon, Jackhammer, Matriarch
Blood Fists Thorax, Widowmaker, Septis, Darkling, Charisma, Janus, Medusa
Bone Crushers Caskuli, Rathik, Jezebel, Nafiret, Nepthys, Perdition, Nova, Kain
Cold Steel Predator, Incisor, Cyclone, Torque, Shard, Katana, Seeker, Vector
Crusaders Khepry, Arachne, Outrage, Bullseye, Cipher, Xargon, Ophelia, Nemesis
Dragon Breath Timrit, Avalanche, Stargazer, Sphinx, Natron, Sorrow, Phantom
Fire Storm Motig, Napaket, Isis, Sunspear, Huntress, Gaul, Odin, Hydra
Iron Guard Makreth, Selig, Rapier, Renegade, Samedi, Jigsaw
Night Stalkers Avarice, Bulldog, Hathor, Khepry, Tranquility, Seth, Chaos
Pain Machine Komek, Cobalt, Silhouette, Obsidian, Circe, Mandible, Tiberius
Sun Blades Imhotep, Nekhbet, Osiris, Luxor, Brutus, Clangor, Despair, Ariel
Super Nova Maat, Bastet, Tefenet, Misery, Fury, Titania, Perish, Dragon
Venom Delara, Gramatik, Pelosin, SeeSeela, Lockdown, Sayiid, Jackyl, Molotov
WarCry Nebri, Mokara, Anat, Ramses, Quake, Vengeance, Faith, Xantares

Qualification round Edit

Match Limits Rivals Other notes
Deathmatch tutorial
Sco: 0
Diff: MeterFloat-(-2,0) 0.0
One on one
Sco: 10
Prism Diff: MeterFloat-(-2,0) 0.0
One on one
Sco: 10
Reinha Diff: MeterFloat-(+0,25) 0.2
Sco: 15
Romulus, Asp Diff: MeterFloat-(+0,50) 0.5
Sco: 15
Memphis, Hyena, Gorge, Wraith Diff: MeterFloat-(+0,25) 0.25
Draft your team.
Draft your team and beat them
Sco: 20
Your chosen 7 Diff: MeterFloat-(+0,75) 1.0
Unlocks TDM ladder.

Team Deathmatch ladder Edit

Match Limits Rival team Other notes
DM-Insidious Sco: 10
Super Nova Players per team: 2
Diff: MeterFloat-(-2,0) 0.0
Trade opportunity: Remus.
DM-Curse3 Sco: 15
Crusaders Players per team: 4
Diff: MeterFloat-(+0,25) 0.3
DM-Antalus Sco: 15
Sun Blades Players per team: 4
Diff: MeterFloat-(+0,75) 0.8
Trade opportunity: Cannonball.
DM-Plunge Sco: 20
Dragon Breath Players per team: 4
Diff: MeterFloat-(+1,00) 1.2
Unlocks the DDOM ladder.
DM-Asbestos Sco: 20
Bone Crushers Players per team: 5
Diff: MeterFloat-(+1,00) 1.2
Trade opportunity: Horus.
DM-TokaraForest Sco: 25
Venom Players per team: 5
Diff: MeterFloat-(+1,50) 2.0
Completes the TDM ladder.

Double Domination ladder Edit

Match Limits Rival team Other notes
DOM-ScorchedEarth Sco: 3
WarCry Players per team: 3
Diff: MeterFloat-(+0,25) 0.3
Trade opportunity: Damarus.
DOM-Core Sco: 3
Bone Crushers Players per team: 3
Diff: MeterFloat-(+0,50) 0.7
DOM-SepukkuGorge Sco: 3
Fire Storm Players per team: 5
Diff: MeterFloat-(+0,75) 1.1
Unlocks the CTF ladder.
DOM-Suntemple Sco: 4
Apocalypse Players per team: 5
Diff: MeterFloat-(+1,25) 1.6
Trade opportunity: Faraleth.
DOM-OutRigger Sco: 4
Black Legion Players per team: 5
Diff: MeterFloat-(+1,50) 2.0
Completes the DDOM ladder.

Capture The Flag ladder Edit

Match Limits Rival team Other notes
CTF-Maul Sco: 3
Night Stalkers Players per team: 3
Diff: MeterFloat-(+0,50) 0.4
Trade opportunity: Subversa.
CTF-Citadel Sco: 3
Venom Players per team: 4
Diff: MeterFloat-(+0,75) 0.8
CTF-Chrome Sco: 3
Black Legion Players per team: 4
Diff: MeterFloat-(+1,00) 1.2
Trade opportunity: Lilith.
CTF-Geothermal Sco: 4
Blood Fists Players per team: 4
Diff: MeterFloat-(+1,25) 1.6
Unlocks the BR ladder.
CTF-LostFaith Sco: 4
Iron Guard Players per team: 5
Diff: MeterFloat-(+1,25) 1.8
CTF-Face3 Sco: 4
Cold Steel Players per team: 5
Diff: MeterFloat-(+1,75) 2.3
Completes the CTF ladder.

Bombing Run ladder Edit

Match Limits Rival team Other notes
BR-TwinTombs Sco: 15
Venom Players per team: 3
Diff: MeterFloat-(+0,50) 0.5
Trade opportunity: Syzygy.
BR-Disclosure Sco: 15
Black Legion Players per team: 4
Diff: MeterFloat-(+0,75) 0.9
BR-Bifrost Sco: 20
Cold Steel Players per team: 4
Diff: MeterFloat-(+1,00) 1.3
Trade opportunity: Corrosion.
BR-Anubis Sco: 20
Blood Fists Players per team: 5
Diff: MeterFloat-(+1,25) 1.7
BR-Skyline Sco: 20
Pain Machine Players per team: 5
Diff: MeterFloat-(+1,50) 2.2
Completes the BR ladder.

Championship finals Edit

Unlocked after winning the TDM, DDOM, CTF and BR ladders.

Match Limits Rivals Other notes
Tournament Semi-finals
Sco: 20
Malcolm, Brock, Lauren Players per team: 3
Diff: MeterFloat-(+2,00) 2.75
Tournament Finals
Sco: 10
Malcolm Players per team: 1
Diff: MeterFloat-(+2,00) 3.0
Completes the Tournament.

Trivia Edit

  • Following the guessing that Malcolm's rise to fame was detailed in the first Tournament, one could guess that this mode details Gorge's ascension to fame, considering that a) he's the default character, and b) Unreal Tournament 2004 and Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict explicitly say that Gorge was the responsible for breaking Malcolm's winning streak in the same way UT2004 says that Malcolm was the responsible for breaking Xan's winning streak.
  • This game's versions of Venom, Black Legion and Iron Guard are clearly unrelated to the other games' counterparts, in so far as to show that Brock and Lauren aren't involved with this games' Guard.
  • The portraits in Malcolm, Brock and Lauren's Titantron screens are lifted from their portraits in the character selection screen of the PlayStation 2 version of Unreal Tournament.

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