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This is a list of guidelines which are meant to show how pages are supposed to be formatted and shown on the wiki. These are all accompanied with shells for quick copypasting.

These guidelines will change without notice as we improve the wiki and the presentation of its information, so be sure to check this page regularly.

In general

Main article: Template:Stub/doc
Main article: Template:Cleanup/doc
Main article: Template:Tab/doc
  • Infoboxes must always be atop of the page, below the notices.
  • If a page is incomplete, add the {{Stub}} notice at the very top of it., If, instead, a page doesn't meet these criteria, add the {{Cleanup}} notice at the very top of it.
  • There are sections that must be present in every page: Overview/Bio, Trivia (for info that doesn't fit anywhere in the page), Gallery (for image and video galleries), External links (for any link to pages and sites located outside of this wiki) and See also (for other pages containing info related with the page in question). In that order.
  • The External links section must ALWAYS contain the <references /> line. It allows references to be properly displayed in any page.
  • If the content of a section occupies a lot of space in a page, then that section can be moved to its own subpage. If a page has subpages, make sure to link them by using the {{Tab}} template, atop of the page (below the {{Stub}} or {{Cleanup}} notices).
    • Every subpage must open with the Tab template and that subpage's own notice, in order to be properly categorized. Known subpage types are Gallery, Quotes, Character cards and Walkthrough.
    • As a side note, media galleries in individual pages can't contain more than 12 items. More than that guarantees opening a subpage.
The following is an image gallery about '''[[<parent page>]]'''.

== Gallery ==
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Individual items