Hi, I'm Ampager, and welcome to my user page. I'm an administrator and a bureaucrat on this wiki, and ever since I've joined the wiki at the end of 2011, I've been intensively contributing to the wiki to help it reach its full potential. If you have any questions or are interested in becoming a moderator, either contact me on my talk page, or any of the other staff members on their talk page.

About me[edit | edit source]

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I own essentially every Unreal game there is. I've played the series for as long as I can remember, and so Unreal games, especially Unreal 1 and UT99, bring back a lot of old memories for me. Afterwards, I got the games UT2004 and UT3, which I still think are amazing games. I'm still pretty active on UT99 and UT4 online, usually on deathmatch or instagib. If you happen to see me around, under my usual name, feel free to stop by and say hi. I'm always able to help people out, or give pointers on what what needs to be worked on around the wiki.

General wiki tendencies[edit | edit source]

Like most wiki contributors, I have my preferred editing subjects and inclinations due to my particular knowledge and playing habits; this list presents a general idea:

  • I'm more competent with Unreal, Unreal Tournament, and Unreal Tournament 2004 topics, over other games.
  • I am very familiar with the multiplayer aspects of the games.
  • I am also familiar with demo recordings and speedrunning.
  • I am perhaps more of an editor than an article writer or starter.
  • I tend to take rewriting inconsistent, unclear, or messy paragraphs to task.
  • I'm quite observant in regard to organization, grammar, and terminology.
  • I'm a relatively bold editor, yet quite fond of discussing options.

If you find that any edits I make don't seem correct or have errors, go ahead and make an edit or a comment on the appropriate talk page (or on mine), and if you see some change I made (a move or such) affects some of your contributions or other stuff, go ahead and let me know and, assuming there wasn't a problem with my change in the first place, I'll help tidy it up until it's fixed.

To-do[edit | edit source]

There are still many things that need to be done on the wiki. Some will be listed here, but the full list can be viewed at the community page.

  • Add infomation for all Unreal 1 and RTNP maps
  • Finish descriptions, map information, and pickup listings for maps in UT2004, UT3, and UT4
  • Clean up articles, many pages are in need of grammar improvements
  • Complete information about weapons in UT4

Edit: Removed a lot of entries which have been completed. Special thanks to PumpkinKnight for taking care of a lot of things on the list.

My original logo (2013-2017)

My current logo.

Did you know...[edit | edit source]

  • that Ampager's name is an anagram of Rampage?
  • that Ampager's favorite game in the series is Unreal Tournament?
  • that Ampager has been a member of the Unreal Wiki for over 6 years?
  • that Ampager's first contribution on the wiki was on the article Slith?
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