Here are some pieces of Unreal-based humor.

Xan's facts

Check them here.

Unreal Rules of the Internet

  • Rule #34-U: there's a mod or mutator for it. No exceptions.
  • Rule #35-U: if there isn't a mod or mutator for it, it will be created by someone. No exceptions.
  • Rule #36-U: no matter how awful the idea is, someone will find it, at the very least, hilarious or funny.
  • Rule #63-U: if there's a map for a certain game, there's also an Unreal adaptation of that map.
  • Rule #63-UC: if there's a character for a certain work, there's also an Unreal adaptation of that character.


Unreality Argentina: The Webcomic

A series of spanish-written comics created by Disconnect, former admin of the now-defunct site Unreality Argentina. Full of inside-jokes and jargon. Don't expect to understand everything written here.


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